Was driving back from Wales to Leeds and I saw a sigh for Worsley and remembered that this was open again.

Brief bit of info on the site

The bunker in Middlewood,Worsley is an AAOR (Anti Aircraft Operations Room) was opened in 1952 on the site of Worsley Old Hall.It served the Manchester Gun Defended Area (GDA) until till the mid 50's when defence against nuclear weapons was more advanced than Anti Aircraft guns. The Bunker is of the standard two level design with on level below ground,Worsley is different as it has an entrance on both levels, as it built into a hillside the same as Frodsham AAOR.

In 1958 the Royal Navy took over the bunker and was used by the Royal Navy Food Stores attached to RNAS Risely.In 1961 it was purchased by Salford Corporation and used as the Joint Area Control with Lancashire County Council.In 1966 it was redesignated Sub County Control for the Stretford and Turton areas reporting back to County Main in Preston.

Following the disbandment of the Civil Defence Corps in 1968 the building was put on Care and Maintenance untill 1974 when Greater Manchester County Fire Service took over the site to use it as a control centre and for training. In the early 1990's the AAOR was sold to a local rifle and pistol club for use as a range, however in 1998 the club moved out and the site was bought by Peel Holdings.

As I got nearer to the site I started seeing stuff like this lying about

Then I remembered that someone said there was a rave there recently; so any hopes of a decent explore were out the window. Ah well, lets have a look anyhow

More rubbish

The site is in a nice wooded area built into the side of a hill

Top entrance

Bottom entrance

Looking down the hill from the top

Blocked staircase

There's not much original stuff left; the air ducts are still there

Air filtration room

This room was quite interesting as it had a thick (blast?) door

There's a few rusty wall fittings about the place

This is the blast door at the top entrance

This looks like where security would stand behind this hatch

Looking @ the entrance

This is the main hall itself - pretty nice eh?

Looking up to the viewing area

With the view back down

This is what the majority of the rooms are like - trashed

Still some signage on the walls - original perhaps? Or left over from the gun club possibly?