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Thread: RAF West Beckham, Norfolk - 11/01/2010

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    Default RAF West Beckham, Norfolk - 11/01/2010

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    RAF West Beckham (WW2) was located between the towns of Sheringham and Holt in Norfolk, England. The base was large and included a transmitter site, receiver site, generator site, underground rooms as well as two camps for based personnel to live in. RAF West Beckham opened in 1938 and closed in 1958.

    Myself (Detox), Dizzy & Lighthouse ended up running into this place after looking for local ROC posts. Later that day we returned with are equipment for a underground explore!

    Guard House to the site.

    Inside - Switch box

    Much better....

    No soap?

    Inside view point

    Bricked up bunker. Shame!

    But around the corner a nice pillbox

    Later that day we return for the hole!


    Who's first?

    What you found guys?

    He's on a mission now!

    Nice Work Lighthouse

    Beyond the steps...

    Just a few pictures of the broken hatch cover and some sort of a pulley

    Today the base is in private ownership. Many buildings remain.

    Peace DETOX & DIZZY
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