This barracks (or Kaserne) has been abandoned since the Russians left the former East Germany in the early 90's. It was mainly used as a vehice training base for troops.

There are signs outside warning of armed guards and ordnance storage, but I didn't see either. It's a huge site, and quite easy to get lost. Came across some guy who seemed to be stealing stuff from the site, but fortunately he wandered off and wasn't seen again.

On with the pictures - this is my 6th report but was still getting to grips with a new camera at the time, so excuse a couple of iffy ones.

1. This happened to be the first open door I found.

2. One of several recreation halls.

3. A very foreboding facade.

4. Underground vehicle storage - a massive space.


6. View toward engine house from vehicle storage.

7. Engine house

8. Huge shower rooms.

9. Poor driving.

10. Vehicle check-in post.

11. More vehicle storage.


13. Admin blocks

14. Kitcsch mini clocktower

15. Admin archway



18. Burnt out, but with curtains still up

19. Heading to reception

20. Russian newspapers as wallpaper backing


22. Imminent collapse


24. Remnant

25. Leftover from the 3rd Reich

26. A design for living

27. Officer's bathroom

28. Motivational imagery

29. Rumples

30. Olympic hopefuls.