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Thread: Birmingham Rooftop Trip - Feb 10

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    Default Birmingham Rooftop Trip - Feb 10

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    After the success of our last trip, Manchester came to Birmingham with four of us heading down to get more High Stuff under our belts.

    The crew consisted of Myself, Rookie, Appo, Sui, Heightlover, MrAltitude, Jonny Concrete & Smithy190...

    First on the list was Five Ways Tower which we hit up last time but only one of us got decent pictures, With a quite amusing 8 way conversation up the stairs and onto the Rooftop;

    Built in 1979 and standing at 249ft with 23 Storeys, Five Ways Tower isn't a small rooftop based in the heart of Birmingham city center close to the 'Five Ways' roundabout, Accomodating 100,000 square ft of office space with 6 lifts and an underground car park.

    The building suffers from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) because of ventilation problems, This may cause people working in the building headaches and irritation of the eyes/nose/throat...

    Half an hour later we headed off to ITV Central/Central Independent Television. Central televison inherited the ATV Broad Street studios in the early 1970's which was then renamed to Central House which was in use up until 1996.

    Home to Crossroads, Tiswas, Price is Right, Bullseye.

    It's a shame that it was stripped bare inside but it gives good views for such a small building. Was even better when Sui went on his arse on the roof...

    The final rooftop we hit up was Snobs Nightclub but we spent more time climbing around than taking any shots;

    Not the best 2 shots by far but 'Other' plans stopped us from spending a while up there...

    I have only added a few photos as Rookie, Sui and Appo all have some they want to add themselves, Sorry for the slight Grain.

    Big thanks to Heightlover, MrAltitude, Jonny Concrete & Smithy190 for having us again and making it a top trip, Manchester is calling...

    Cheers Fellas

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    Default Re: Birmingham Rooftop Trip - Feb 10

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    Yes we do, so here's mine

    Top night.

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    Default Re: Birmingham Rooftop Trip - Feb 10

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    Epic Night, Here is a few of mine.

    Fiveways Tower

    ITV Building

    Manc Crew and Brum Crew

    Cheers For Looking APPO
    Petula Clark, 1964. In the arse.

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