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Thread: Queen Elizabeth Barracks (Boyce Bks/Haig Lines), Fleet, Hants, 20/06/2010 - PART 1

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    Arrow Queen Elizabeth Barracks (Boyce Bks/Haig Lines), Fleet, Hants, 20/06/2010 - PART 1

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    Queen Elizabeth Barracks (Boyce Barracks/Haig Lines), Fleet, Hampshire 20/06/2010.

    I found out about this site on a ‘Lead & Rumour’. I’ve lived in this area for 10 years and never knew about this place!!!

    I did a recce and found out, as with most ex-military camps awaiting flattening, it was regularly used by the Surrey and Hampshire Police, for training and dog handling... Ok, I better go through the right channels...

    A few emails and phone calls later, I got given open access to the camp, in exchange for a copy of all the photos.... Happy with that!

    I ended up doing a 2 day explore, day one with a friend and day 2 with my wife. It’s a big site and took over 400 photos. Because of that I’m going to post 5 reports on it covering the following:

    Part 1-Barrack Buildings and Around Camp
    Part 2-Messes and Clubs
    Part 3-Training Wing and Cinemas
    Part 4-Accommodation
    Part 5-MT Park

    That is now 2 reports... I'll be doing Parts 2-5 all on Part 2 heading... (See below) Thanks

    Don’t worry, i’m not posting all 400+ photo’s, I’ve cut it right down, but there is still a few.

    Camp History

    Originally started (not built) in 1914 as an HQ for troops billeted around Church Crookham and Fleet, called Haig Lines. Extended/Built in 1938 for the Royal Army Medical Corps as their training depot and renamed Boyce Barracks, after Maj William Wallace Boyce D.S.O. RAMC.

    Made up of pre-war, single story, prefabricated wooden buildings, in the ‘Spider’ layout, designed to accommodate 2500 men in peace time. The site also included a number of training facilities, 2x 25m Ranges, cinema, administration and stores buildings, as well as 2 gymnasiums and a large parade square.

    The camp was renamed again Queen Elizabeth Barracks after a visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (the wife of King George VI and late mother of our present Queen Elizabeth II) in 1948.

    The Queen Mother (Colonel-in-Chief RAMC) with the Sgt's & Warrant Officers outside the Sgts Mess.

    The RAMC moved out in 1962 and the camp was used for training a few weeks a year.
    The camp was then taken over by The Royal Corps Of Transport from 1965-1970
    Then Finally used by various Gurkha Regiments (Including Gurkha Rifles) from 1970-2000.
    The land was sold to Bryant Homes in 2002 who want to redevelop the site for housing, shops and schools.

    I would like to thank Mrs. Nicky Parsons for getting me access to the camp and I would also like to dedicate the report to all members or the RAMC as it was their original camp and with it being RAMC Corps Day on 23 June, I think it’s quite fitting!

    On with the Pics....





    I love the wood burners!





    Sun Bathing on the Parade Square!... Don't let the Sergeant Major See!


















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