Firstly, this isn't my report, worse luck. They were taken by John Matthews, of the Northumberland and Newcastle Society, the details of access which was posted in another thread recently. After a bit of arm twisting though, he reluctantly agreed to let me use them and naturally 28DL gets the exclusive first look.

He apologises for the poor quality of the photos which were taken on a very small digital camera under difficult conditions. No opportunity for light painting here!

Here is the first shot, taken in the main lobby looking up to the Royal Circle Lounge. Note that the balustrades have been removed, along with the decorative ceiling fittings upstairs.

This is the Grand Staircase up to the Royal Circle Lounge. The ornate handrail has been removed along with the substantial ceiling pendant fittings.

This is screen 2, which is the rear stalls to the left.

The dividing wall between screen 2 and screen 3 has been removed. This is standing in screen 2 looking across to screen 3.

A piece of projector debris in a stairwell on the way up to screen 1.

Up in screen 1, the circle of the original auditorium. Note the stacked chairs and the partially removed wall sconces.

Looking to the right hand wall. The screen can be seen, which is mounted in front of the original proscenium.

Looking back towards the upper Circle.

At front Circle, looking across to the left wall

Centre circle, looking towards the (damaged) screen

One of the ornate cast seat row ends, with integral aisle downlighter

A view into the auditorium from one of the projection room ports.

Another port view towards the screen.

In the projector room access stairwells each side, there is a large Paramount mountain stylised metal screen. This is the view looking out.

One of the control panels for lighting, screen masking and Tabs.

The Cinemation unit- the automated system for running the show, as well as most of the building electrics.

The projection room, with one of the Victoria 8 machine plinths moved out of the way, probably to ease dismantling. (The mechanism and lamphouses were taken to Doncaster Odeon backstage for storage after the Cinema closed)

After the Cinema was quadrupled, the upper circle lounge was converted into a licensed bar. This stencil is in one of the sofa niches and the decoration was carried out by the Cinema staff.

Once again, a massive thank you to John Matthews of the Northumberland and Newcastle Society for agreeing to let these photos be shown. Many of us will be delighted to see them, and saddened by the removal of the fixtures.