Thorpe Marsh is a derelict power plant on the outskirts of Doncaster , originally a test plant in the late 50s and abandoned for some years now. Was used in some recent movies and I can see why !
I had the chance to nip in and see this a few days ago and will have to get back again soon to do the rest as there were workmen on site preventing access to all the areas I wanted to see . It’s a well battered site but still nothing prepares you for the scale of being inside a cooling tower and the brilliant echoes it makes !

All shot with the 17-40 wide boy on full frame and some mild HDR thrown in , well I like it so there 

The cooling towers in all their glory

Amazing looking up through them !

Absolutely no idea what this is about ?? a bit scary though

Inside one of them still some cooling element type stuff

And a nice tyre dump makes a lovely shot

And a couple of shots on the way out

Will be back soon Thorpe marsh to finish you