Following on from my St Peter's School report, we had a few dead end visits to a few places and eventually ended up at the Baths in Durham. Again, I have to thank MrEx for this visit which I had been meaning to do for weeks. It has been well documented (and trashed) but is a new site for me so I had some great long-exposure-photography fun here.

Without going into detail, getting into this place required a little more agility than I am normally capable of but eventually found our way inside.

Reception I think.

Main corridor leading to changing rooms and pools

Deemed safe for children...apparently

Main pool: No diving or bombing!

Living life on the edge!

Might look silly this close up and well lit but imagine seeing this guy from the other end of the pitch black pool as you swing your torch beam round! Scared the living bejezus out of me first time I saw him.

Some one has been having some Blue Peter rocket launcher fun here I think.

MrEx brought some of his many light-toys along to play with.

My favourite shot of the visit. The size of the space and the big (albeit boarded up) window give the pool an almost church-like feel.

MrEx constructing some complex light-painting shot...and me messing it up by accidentally throwing my torch beam over it. Sorry!

Delving into the belly of the beast...

The pump house.

That's your lot for now. Hope you enjoyed.