Have done a few explores over last few months and slowly getting a few up, i hope this is ok. Just down road from, what was the Pingley POW Camp - Brigg.

RAF Hibaldstow was built and opened on 12 May 1941 on a former rabbit warren and lasted a short while beyond war's end, closing in 1947 with buildings dismantled around then. During 1943 it became a satellite of RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey when that station changed role and became a training not a fighter base.

255 Sqn were the first occupants from the airfield's commissioning, arriving with Defiant from Kirton in Lindsey and scoring the first kill from Hibaldstow on 5 Jun 1941 against an He-111. 255 Sqn was joined by 253 Sqn from Orkney in Sep 1941. The receding threat posed by Luftwaffe night-time operations lead to closure on 23 Jan 1943. The airbase re-opened on 9 May 1943 for a 53 OTU detail from Kirton-in-Lindsey and once again closed on 15 May 1945. The land was sold off in 1960/61.

The name Hibaldstow derives from Saint Higbald, a Northumbrian missionary who became Abbot of Bardney and later a saint. Three churches around the village were dedicated to him when canonised and 'Hibaldstow' means 'The shrine of St Hibald'.

Now an active airfield used for skydiving, i spent a lot of time here jumping out of planes, tis good fun.

Thanks for looking