After many years of dj-ing and repairing lots of kit for this club, I finally asked what was behind the boarded up windows on the first and second floor! I was under the impression that it was just derelict and empty and perfect for exploring.
I was to learn more than I could have imagined! Chesterfields health club was a sauna and massage club; it was in a prime position near Piccadilly train station and the city centre! So over time, it kind of got up – or down-graded to become a brothel! Apparently it was clean – as were the ladies and very successful! The building owners got wind of this and eventually closed it down. (Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden egg) and since then it has been left empty and unused but for the odd naughty movie production!
With my long background with the club below it, they gave me permission to go up there and take pictures. So, thanks to the Legends team!
I’ve covered many places over the years but I found this one strangely harrowing; worn out plastic beds, filthy corner baths, missing tiles, underwear strewn around and pornographic magazines left lying near one of the many boxes of tissues (Don’t ask!)
This is one place that I would not like to be a fly on the wall and there it is, right under the noses of the thousands who travel to and from this city each day!
Enjoy this place of many non-Disney ‘Happy endings’


Second floor main area showing sauna and steam rooms.

A raised area, to the right is where the boarded up windows are.

Steam room, minus seating.


Preparation or reception desk.

Trophy case for best – Well, you think about it!

First floor corridor and private rooms.

Corner bath and bed! All rooms but for the one at the far end had these, the latter had a shower.

Private room.

Quality workmanship! One of the many towels put to use!

Old paper to show the timeline.

Spares for the ladies?

Ancient vacuum.

Sauna! Imagine the smell!


Remember these?