Salhouse Hall was built around the mid 16th century although the first record of the hall being lived in was in 1712 by the Ward family. The Ward family owned the hall to 1955.
This hall is Grade II listed and is made from Red brick with limestone and gault brick detailing and dressings.

This hall has had features added as building fashions changed, some of the updates were copying old styles it seems.

Castellations, small turrets and also a Gothic influence crept in mid 1900's.

The stable and sheds also received extra work, it seems great efforts were made to keep the house updated with the latest trends.

Inside the house the decoration is similarly mismatched yet colorful and lovely. It is decorated with medieval style shields, stained glass, carved wood panels and carved features.

Inside there is also an altar rail, cellar and servant bells.

The outside buildings include stables, a schoolroom, kennels, a coach house and a dovecote. At the moment they are overgrown or closed so it is hard to tell which building is what.

I read that at one time that a lot of art work was housed at the hall, although none remains.

For me it seems like the Wards were a creative and passionate family. The family moto "Usque ad mortem fidus" (Faithful even to death) is detailed above the entrance. I have added a close up photo below.

The land outside was used for village fetes etc and is currently being used for cattle.

My explore was carried out with an explorer buddy of mine and as we entered we were startled by a loud alarm. This was the first time this had happened to us so we made a hasty retreat. Curious cows ran towards us and we both jumped over a gate to realize that the cows were still miles away.
This house was too Beautiful to give up on so we re-composed ourselves and after a wait and perimeter walk we went back determined to get some photos.

As always our intention was to spend some time taking some nicely composed photos but the constant alarm ringing in our ears made for a distracting and constant reminder of the potential threat of a non cow based security team. we rushed around and got some photos. some are below.

The Hall and some of the land surrounding it.

The front door

Here is a close up showing the Ward family motto and also the initials of the original owner.

A close up of the front and main door.

Open and empty.

One of the random shields/crests stuck on the wall

The Security team