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Thread: RAF Daws Hill High Wycombe - Nuclear Bunker August 2012

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    Default RAF Daws Hill High Wycombe - Nuclear Bunker August 2012

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    The role of the Bunker at RAF Daws Hill, was a cruise missile deployment system. It was one of three ‘Theatre Planning Centres’ for cruise missiles, at a cost of approx $19.9million. The US Senate insisted that NATO rather than the United States should pay for the missile bases, although they were under sole US control. The system was to be a critical part of cruise missile deployment, which provided the missiles computers with the programming necessary to reach their targets. No actual missiles or their launchers were stationed at RAF Daws Hill.

    Computers were stored on level 3 of the bunker, and stored a mass of information about the topography of the likely launch areas in the UK, likely targets, and routes between the two. These were necessary to programme the cruise missiles built-in computer system, on exactly where to fly. The computers were to provide a production line for computer discs, which would then be inserted into the cruise missiles, telling them where to go, and when to detonate. The discs would be taken from the bunker to where-ever the cruise missile units were. They would travel in groups of 4 launcher vehicles, carrying a total of 16 missiles.

    In peacetime, only non-nuclear armed missiles were allowed out of the bases at Greenham common and Molesworth, however one flight of 16 missiles on each base were on alert, with nuclear warheads armed at all times.

    On with the pics.....

    HQSTC: Head Quarters Strike Command

    Decontamination Cell Entrance

    Normal Mode Entrance

    WWMCCS: Worldwide Military Command and Control System

    Smoke Clearance !

    CBR: Chemical Biological Radiological

    Token Fire Extinguisher Shot !

    SCIF: Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.

    The Generator Building

    Thanks for looking.
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