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Thread: Cat Lady House (Burlington, Canada - May 2013)

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    Default Cat Lady House (Burlington, Canada - May 2013)

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    Time to let the cat out of the bag. This is a sad story.

    The Cat Lady earned the moniker, but was affectionately known by her friends and family as Fern McCollough. Her personality was colourful and vibrant, as was her wardrobe, and her home. She was a wealthy woman that lived with and loved 14 cats in this fascinatingly unique home. Cat calendars and cat decorations and cat themed photo albums filled with cat photographs and cat themed everything else you can imagine filled the home. A pair of photographs I came across depicted her car sitting in the glass ceilinged garage at the rear of the house, the license plate read 'CATS 14' and across the hood and automatic headlight covers were airbrushed images guessed it - CATS!

    This was the second stop on the East Meets West Tour with Freak, Doom and Dallas in late August of 2012. The home itself was set far back from the road down a long winding driveway along a wealthy stretch of a rural road in Burlington, Ontario. As we approached the home, anticipation was eating me alive. I'd been waiting for months to finally get my paws into this place and poke around, and the time had finally come...

    jermalism: Abandonment Issues: Cat Lady House

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