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Thread: Bradford Odeon

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    Arrow Bradford Odeon

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    Hello again...

    Here's another selection of some of the photos I managed to get from my shitty camera during the visit myself and Converse1 made inside the Bradford Odeon last Autumn... I also took a few with my mobile phone, which I will also include on here for your perusal.

    I ended up only loading up 23 snaps - not 25! - but, hey, who's counting???


    The rebels out there should get a kick out of this one which I captured on my mobile from the Odeon 2 projection room window, which looks out from the top of the building across to Bradford City Hall. The building bang in front across the street is the old city centre nick, which has since been vacated for new premises. I have circled a detective who was stood at the window looking over at the Odeon whilst yapping on the phone!!!

    Entrance to Odeon 2 in the upper foyer - they left the lightbulbs in...

    Some film posters still on the wall next to entrance to Odeon 2, inc the feckin' Grinch!

    The "luxury" seats in Odeon 2 - these would have cost you extra if you wanted comfortable viewing!!!

    Upper spotlight in Odeon 2 near the rear - doesn't that wall look lovely and fluffy?

    Locker in the Odeon 2 projection room area...

    Another poster in upper foyer - Chicken Run was the last ever film to be screened, y'know!!!

    Show some consideration for other patrons, PLEASE!

    The hotdog, popcorn and ice cream bar - YUM!

    Beyond the shutter...

    Evidence of classical wallpaper and 1930's woodwork hidden away above the false ceiling of the theatre bar in the tower next to the Alhambra - nice...

    Another pic from my mobile - taken at the other end of the building, City Hall as seen from the tower next to Thornton Road...

    This tower was divided up into offices in 1968 - and had a crappy false ceiling installed halfway up! Here a beautiful window has a wall up the centre!!!

    A jacket within a cloakroom - that shirt could do with some Daz soap powder!!!

    Is that a huge cardboard Oscar? The same room that has the Judge Dread helmet on the floor (for trivia buffs!)

    Interesting use of an old film reel as wall decoration, eh?

    The ripped Odeon 3 screen behind blue velvet curtains...

    A pillar on the steps of the Princes Way entrance - now hidden from view behind the black boarded up frontage!

    An original auditorium pillar in the Bingo hall - taken with my mobile (I had to use two torches to illuminate it!!!)

    Converse1 has already posted a similar pic, but this was again taken by my mobile - you can see the original plasterwork above the false ceiling...

    ... so I shoved my crappy camera into the hole to get more of the original ceiling, inc a bit of priceless plasterwork peeled and left hanging to allow suspension of ANOTHER false ceiling!!!

    More original plasterwork in the bingo hall, but this is visible and is located in the former restaurant area...

    Last, but not least - Converse1 heading towards Odeon 3!!!

    PHEW, that took some doing! Hope you likes em...
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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyjohn7 View Post
    Hi Converse1. Brilliant photos, but what would they be like with a good camera??!!! Only joking but you could borrow mine and I wish I could go in. Looking on the web, it looks like loads and loads of old odeon cinema gems are to be or are being demolished and it seems such a shame... and to be replaced by mundane, boring, and downright crap office buildings. These people have no imagination and have no intention of doing what the people of Bradford want, and then telling lies about how bad it is inside and that it is rotten. Thank you for proving that it is sound inside and I wonder if you got any photos of the downstairs ticket area and the old doors as you walk in?
    Hi andyjohn7, if you have a look here you can see some of the pictures I took inside the Odeon with me good camera!

    Bradford Odeon - 23/01/07

    Bradford Odeon - 21/01/07

    Here's the pics you were after, plus a couple more of areas that you won't have seen!

    Entrance doors with me mate Torch Boy takin pictures of the pillars!

    ticket office

    The ticket/entrance area is wet because some drainpipes have been cut away above....! : :

    View of the grid (scenery flying area above the stage taken from stage right)

    And part of the original dome!

    Hope you like.


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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Converse1 uploaded an image showing the very top surviving piece of plasterwork of the ceiling dome, which is the central section... More plasterwork exists below the wooden base, which I think is more stunning!!! Maybe Converse1 can upload a pic of that too???

    However the main body of the dome has unfortunately gone although the steelwork of it remains.

    This treasured top section in Converse1's photo is housed within this octagon shed on the Odeon's roof...

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Hi Edgey,

    Here's some more of the dome. It looks like the top part was blocked off at some point to install a chandelier and winch (I've seen pictures of the auditorium without one and with!).

    It looks fantastic close up!

    You can see here where the winch comes through the blocked of part of the upper dome.

    I hope the BORG guys can save this place, trouble is the people who own it and want to demolish it are !. It's a fantastic place with a lot of the original stuff still there.

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgey2001 View Post
    Fantastic, Something else I was thinking about. Odeon 1 is the smaller of the 2 cinemas, therefore it it wouldn't have reached as far as Odeon 2 lengthwise. Did you find any remnants of the old auditorium from behind Odeon 1 and between the old stage area. I presume this area would be unused after the alterations, and also, 1 last question (honestly) are there any remains of the proscenium arch from the original stage area.
    Hi Again!

    All I could find behind Odeon 1 was this:

    It was just a storage area, We couldn't find away to get above, so there may be something there.

    Here's another photo of a bricked up box:

    And one of the Circle! looks great doesn't it!

    Behind the proscenium a lot of the technical stuff remains like the fly tower, counterweight lines, grid and the flying rail.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgey2001 View Post
    Excellent pics, you must have taken loads and been in there for hours, I presume the bricked up boxes were accessed from the old balcony area. Does the balcony extend the full width or has that been destroyed as well.
    The full circle still exists across the full width of the auditorium and about 3/4 of the circle front exists. the boxes were accessed from the circle not the balcony. if you look at old pics of the auditorium there was a stalls, a circle and a balcony. I think you were meaning circle? after speaking to someone in the know the old balcony structure is still there; it's steppings are used for the seats in both the twin cinemas.

    Lookie here:

    Loads of info here:


    This dude know everything about this place!

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by snbower View Post
    Hi Converse1,

    Like Edgey, I too have some questions re: the 1968/69 conversion. Is there any chance of seeing your 'other' photos, either on 28DL or via some other means? I do appreciate your work in taking these photos

    Hi there! blimey Lot's of interest in this place! If it's the conversion your interested in I've got these pics that might be interesting for you!

    This is the original projection room. you can see the projector portholes just above the false ceiling. Below this ceiling is the lobby/entrance to the two main screens that has the sweets stall on your left (as you come up the steps)

    This is the entrance into the bingo from the Thornton Road tower

    But it looked like this in 1930! The ceiling is quite low now so perhaps there is treasure above!!!

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgey2001 View Post
    The pictures just get better and better, didn't realise the projection room was where the waiting is for odeon 1 and 2, Did you find out if the boxes existed at the other side of the building as well and also were you able to look underneath the stage area to see if any evidence existed of where the organ was stored.
    Hi Edgey, the box front steelwork on the other side (auditorium left) exists and I think the passageway behind them is still there. On that side it's under odeon 2 and on the Quebec street side of the building. The passage looked like it was hooked up to the ventilation from the bingo. If you look you can see the grilles halfway up the building on that side.

    Yes we got under the stage and found the entrance into the organ lift, this pic is interesting because Yorkshire Forward say that the pipes are covered in asbestos insulation. That is NOT asbestos on those pipes, it's rock-wool! :

    No organ or machinery though

    The waiting lounge has suffered from water damage due to the cut pipes in the old projection room above : :

    But the screens are in really good condition, here's Odeon 2 (and me waiting for the show to start, the popcorn from the counter was a bit manky though! ) :


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    Arrow Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgey2001 View Post
    Some more great pics again, The sabotaged water pipes have started to take there toll in the waiting area though, very suspicious indeed. Some pics of the old managers flat and dressing rooms would be interesting to look at too, I bet they were in a right old state!
    Cheers Edgey!

    The managers flat was in a crap old state, Literally! Full of pigeon crap. these rooms hadn't been used since the late 1960's and were in a terrible state when the Odeon was open

    See here:

    Bradford Odeon managers flat REPORT! (pigeon crap heavy!)

    The stairs up

    Out onto the roof terrace, that's not carpet it's about 4" deep pigeon sh1t!

    There were pigeon eggs on a nest in the toilet! Some unfortunates stuck in the chicken wire.


    Couldn't open this door it was wedged with dead pigeons and their crap!

    The living room of the flat. Would have been quite nice, an open fire in the winter and a roof terrace for the summer! lovely

    There is another flat the other side of the building for the Chief engineer, but me and Torchy didn't get there. maybe sometime in the future! :

    That was a mini report really!

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT #4 (23 All-new Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgey2001 View Post
    After looking at these excellent pics which as you say , have cost time and money and I am sure that everyone on this board appreciates what you have done here. Its apparent that the conversion wasn't done in a particular sympathetic way to the original building, I'm sure they weren't thinking about preservation when they were bricking up the old boxes or building breeze block walls or ripping out much of the ceiling but at least some of it remains and I hope that these pics help in the saving of this building. If you have any more pics of the original building interior, I'm sure it will help the cause.
    Hi Edgey,

    Yeah, I suppose when the conversion work was done the building was only 30-odd years old and the developers didn't view things quite the same way as they do now (hmm... not sure about that really, looking at some of the crap there building round ere!). But from the stuff me and Torchboy have seen in the Odeon it is remarkable what is left.

    This is above one of the ceilings in the bingo, so who knows what else is in there!:

    It looks like the two big screens and the bingo were built within the space of the old theatre. I'm no expert but if this were removed i'm sure there would be enough to restore and bring it back into use.

    Like I said im my reply to snbower BORG are the best people to ask regarding it's history and it's future use.

    It's a fantastic building and I hope it's around for many years to come!

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