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Thread: Odeon Cinema - Cheltenham 07/03/07

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    Arrow Odeon Cinema - Cheltenham 07/03/07

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    What a day Spoke to Wraith early afternoon about possible entry to the Odeon in Cheltenham. 3 hours, 1 recce and a phone call to Four Feathers later, and we're both parked up outside. Now that is what i call "...more talk and more action" :p

    We were a bit pissed that it had been pretty much stripped at first, but peeking out of the projection room was this little beauty.....:

    The rest of it sat on the floor in the corner, here's a nice close up of the makers badge.....:

    Sat nicely next to the projector, was this beast, to give you an idea, its stands about 6 feet high, to the top of the blue post.....:

    We went into every projection room, so 7 in all, and there was probably about 4 or 5 projectors and Autowinds left in there.

    Then it was out of that screen and down into the foyer....:

    It was also very nice to leave an Ice machine in there for us It was, however, empty, still on though!!.....:

    Then it was onto the screen, I'll post just these two of the screens themselves, they were, sad to say, pretty boring as they were completely stripped.....:

    This is a shot of half of the projector that wasnt still standing, its hard to explain where it goes.....basically on the back of the one you see up there ^^.....:

    Here's another shot of a projector too, just to prove thee was more than one there....:

    As I'm so incredibly hungry, and want to leave Four Feathers with a few he can put up too, I'm not going to post any more for now. However, I have shots of movie posters, a plethora of roof-top shots, as well as some stuff from the basement, and above one of the screens that apparently used to be a theatre!!

    Cheers for reading

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    Default Re: Odeon Cinema - Cheltenham REPORT 07/03/07

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    WOW!! What a productive day for me!, started by meeting klempner69 and austinpowers2007 at an old local hospital in Swindon, had a look round there and then moved to the top of the Brunel shopping center tower(David Murray John Building) to take some photo's from the roof, more to follow on these two.

    On the way home I get a text from thebluefox saying Cheltenham Odeon is doable! A quick MSN chat later and I'm on my way to meet up in Cheltenham, as you can see we had a cracking explore!

    A big thanks to Wraith for the intel!, Sorry you couldn't join us mate! Anyway, a few photo's from me to add to what thebluefox has already posted, I shant bother with more projectors:

    An ancient Grease Gun, I guess from the same time the projectors were bought?

    The Popcorn Stand

    The Roof Detail in Screen 1

    Found these toilets with Glass marker panels, thought this looked cool!?

    A Couple of the old Theatre workings

    A semi-original spiral staircase, in the cavity between old and new building

    Couldn't resist!

    The reason for the closure, as seen from the roof!

    Hope you enjoy.
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