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Thread: Withington Cine City-14/06/07

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    Default Withington Cine City-14/06/07

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    Cine City is in Withington, Manchester, England. It opened in 1912 as The Scala but was later renamed Cine City. It is the oldest cinema in Manchester.

    Cine City closed in 2001 and is currently awaiting redevelopment. The building was threatened with demolition in 2005 but pressure from heritage groups saved the cinema.

    Visited with Alley, userscott, damon, gibbo, gazza and lawrence on a very wet manchester evening having checked out a couple of place in town for future projects.

    Access was comedy to say the least and it was a miracle we got 7 of us in there without being spotted, but we managed it and split up to start getting photos.

    Although the cinema, which was closed in July 2001, is in a sorry state of repair, it retains an air of faded grandeur, with many original features still intact like gold brocade seats, wall freezes, cornices and ceiling roses.

    It was difficult to get decent pictures as it was so dark even with a full 15 second exposure and some serious lightpainting so editing was required to make the image semi presentable.

    Floor safe, there were actually 5 safes in total on site, two belting old wythy grove ones and 3 modern.

    We got some great group shots too but i'll let one of the others stick one of those up, also there was tomfoolery on the letters board at my expense so therell no doubt be hilarity ensuing when that appears.:

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    Default Re: Withington Cine City-14/06/07-REPORT

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    Excellent pics R1. Was difficult to light that place.
    It was also the filthiest explore I've done: pigeon bodies everywhere and six-foot spider webs in the projector room.

    Meeting in town: that's us in the doorway top right,
    it was too wet to wait closer to the BBC webcam on the street.

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    Default Re: Withington Cine City-14/06/07-REPORT

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    few of mine:


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