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Thread: Bradford Odeon Towers

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    Arrow Bradford Odeon Towers

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    Hi Gang!

    Converse1 has done a marvelous job of pimping up my previous Bradford Odeon report (#4) with lots of his fab pics...

    Thought some of you might like to see a selection of my pics taken within both of the Odeon's distinctive towers, so here goes!!!


    A Top Rank bingo welcome sign behind the boarded up entrance

    Up the stairs and in the far corner of the cinema foyer is the "theatre bar" situated in the tower itself... though someone has nicked the theatre letters!

    I've "borrowed" one of Converse1's pics here just to remind past patrons of what greeted them when they popped in for a wee drinkie

    On a sunny day you can see this Pepsi fridge beside the window from the street...

    You may remember seeing Tom Courtney and Rodney Bewes vogueing in front of this Cenotaph in the 1960's Billy Liar movie? Cool. :

    Wonder if this unopened soft drink would taste nice after the expiration of its November 2000 best before date?

    Some dusty bottles on a shelf behind the bar...


    The level with the windows was divided up into offices and "fridge rooms" in 1968/69 - here's a fridge room!

    And here's one of the office windows...

    The latter half of this wall planner had no future at the Bradford Odeon - it closed on 2nd of July 2000!!!

    Doncha just dig these corporate mission posters?


    Give me some fookin' light, mate!

    Whoa, look at these original features hidden away in all of their 1930's splendour!!!!

    And what a fab ceiling!!!

    Check out that pillar!!!

    Plasterwork too...

    That's all for now folks, but I know for a fact that Converse1 has some great pics of the next level above in the Thornton Road tower with plasterwork that may blow your mind!!! Maybe he will post a few???
    Last edited by Torch Boy; September 15th, 2007 at 19:12. Reason: Resizing the fookin' pics - sorry about that, fellas!!!

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon Towers Report - All New!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torch Boy View Post
    Cheers guys!

    Biggles, Converse1 has the pics you want to see... I feel a bit of a shit for nicking one of his already, so I will leave it for him to oblige you. He would bust my balls if I did it again...
    Hi guys! I think I have the pics your after! Don't worry torchy old chap no probs in you nickin one of me pics

    Looking towards the steps and the entrance to Odeon 3

    The bingo with the stage area at the bottom.

    And again, this one is a bit dark : Soz!

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon Towers Report - All New!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snbower View Post

    Thanks for these posts. I'm struggling to get an idea in which direction Converse1's first 'Bingo' photo is facing? Are we looking directly towards the stage or is it slightly to the right of centre? I'm assuming the raised up table and chairs are at the back of the former stalls area?

    Hi The first pic in the bingo is taken on the very right side at the back of the hall on the raised platform, you could get under here and see the original raked stalls area but it was spider hell under there so we didn't bother! You can see the bingo score board in the distance. It was taken with a 19mm lens so the perspective is a bit 'off'

    The two blue boxes in the pic are the food and drink stalls, and like torchboy says this is definitely the full width of the old auditorium (exit doors to outside on both sides). The depth runs from the back of the stage (the stage has seats on it too) to the back of the downstairs cinema ticket area at the front of the building (if you see what I mean?!?)

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon Towers Report - All New!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snbower View Post
    AAh, I think I can visualise it. I'm assuming the stage was originally at the same level as the front stalls seating, and that the orchestra pit was filled in.
    I'd say that now the front of the stage is about 5' up from stalls level, and that the pit was filled in.

    Quote Originally Posted by snbower View Post
    Am I right in assuming that upstairs in the cinemas, obviously Odeon1, but Odeon 2 also fall short of the original stage opening, whereas downstairs the Bingo went right back to the stage area?
    Yes I think that's about right.

    This is a pic I've found of the auditorium with something going on on stage and you can see the height of the stage in relation to the stalls. Never seen a pic of the place like this before:

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    Default Re: Bradford Odeon Towers Report - All New!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by torchboy
    I will probably go to bed tonight and find a dead pigeon beneath the duvet because I am about to post another one of Converse 1's pics, but I think Biggles is worth it!
    I agree I think biggles is worth some more pictures. Dead pigeon already in place torchy!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by snbower View Post
    Thanks Edgey and Converse for your patience. Do you have any piccies closer to the 'stage' end of the bingo hall and facing the rear wall?
    Hmm.! I've had a look and found these:

    This is the callers position on stage left.

    View towards the back wall from roughly the same position as the one above.

    Towards the back of the stage.

    Hope these are of use. Are you writing a history of the Odeon Mr biggles/snbower? Would be interested to read it if you are!

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