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Thread: Cine City Withington, Manchester 7/10/07

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    Arrow Cine City Withington, Manchester 7/10/07

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    Cine City is the oldest cinema in Manchester, it closed in 2001 and it is now in a sorry state inside. Watch your step doesn’t quite cover it… dead pidgeons and pidgin skeletons everywhere, ripped up floor boards, quite a few nails sticking out of the floor.

    The access was comedy! But it was a thoroughly enjoyable explore.

    I know it has been reported before so we have tried to keep the pictures original, visited with Ginja Ninja and Adamn.

    I’ll stop rambling now, here are the pics:

    Projection room for screens 2 & 3

    This is one of the old projector bulbs, on the warning sticker it states, “WARNING: Danger of bulb explosion” just after reading that Ginja Ninja managed to dropped it and yes, the warning sticker was right! Sounded like a gun shot!

    Screen 3

    BINGO! (in screen 3)

    Screen 2

    Screen 1 Projection Room

    Screen 1

    Switch Room

    Basement Steps

    Thanks to Adamn for the pics!
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