I see this has been a popular spot for quite a few people in the last few weeks! Visited recently with Shepy, Lexx2gee, Angie and Nick.

Can't say enough about this place, it's superb, if you get a chance don't waste it, get it there!

I'll not say too much as everyone else has said enough, including a bit of history from Brick_Man, cheers fella!

Front row seats anyone?

The bar, highlight of the trip for me, sun pouring through the window, you could just imagine folks in having a pint and a laugh.

Projector room with two projectors, think it's amazing how they can leave things like this.

My favorite, Lexx2gee dishing out popcorn!

As I say, superb place to visit although stay away if you have a fear of pigeon muck!

Thankfully the lights where working on the day, was only on Sunday gone, who know's who pays the bill!

The Boss