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Thread: Theatre Royal, Chatham 01/12/07

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    Arrow Theatre Royal, Chatham 01/12/07

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    Mushcan and I went back and did Theatre Royal again last night. It's changed LOADS since about two months ago. Most of it has been stripped/cleared out with a majority of the mess on the floor, tiles from walls and random props laying about just gone. The foyer has completely disappeared as well as a few other rooms. Bits of the building have already been demolished as we were surprised to find, leaving corridors completely open to the outside. Luckily we came across a ladder with a hole in the ceiling which we decided to climb. Up on the roof, there was a big hole in the wall which took us to loads of stuff we'd not previously seen including another seating tier. The roof was the perfect place for photos of the big Theatre Royal sign. I didn't get many photos from the day but it was an interesting explore.

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    Default Re: Theatre Royal, Chatham - REPORT - 01/12/07

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    Yeah was a explore off of the whim, sad to see a lot of it has been knocked down allready and alot of the interior has been swept up and taken away, no doubt the builders took anything of value.

    After some debating i decided to visit the theatre again, alone, i braved the rain and went in, alot of water damage had happened, i also saw a way of getting into the building next door, which i also advise if you go on tred very carefully, the building is in a total mess not a lot inside.

    Water damage, water had managed to get to the bottom floor

    Some of the building that had been knocked down

    Second building with a safe room, couldnt getinside

    i found this stone in the chimney breast

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