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Thread: The Jesmond Picture House - Newcastle - 8/12/08

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    Default The Jesmond Picture House - Newcastle - 8/12/08

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    Visited with Winchester, Vivo, Crossy and Kona. Cheers for showing us guys!

    This place is a total time warp, closed in the early 1990s but feels very 1950s. The main screen and seating area is in bad shape but the projection booth is really mint with all the equipment left in situe and pretty much complete. Theres mountains of stuff piled up in verious cupboards, i had time to rummage through one and found some great stuff hiding in there so god knows whats in the rest, i just didnt have time too look! What more can i say?! One of the best for sure...

    Twin projectors

    The smaller projector to the left was for projecting the advertisments

    The adverts were on slides like this one

    Behind the projectors theres a desk where the flim was prepared

    Jig for taping film together, complete with tape

    Discarded film

    I think this was an amplifier of some kind for the sound

    Old skool projectors rule

    Next to the projector booth there was a small room crammed full of spare parts, bet theres some gems in that heap!

    Packs of printed banners still on the shelves

    Next room along housed a pair of massive mercury arc rectifiers

    These things are mad, if you dont know what they do look it up, id love to see one working.

    Moving downstairs i noticed another cupboard crammed with stuff after a rummage loads of cool stuff popped out

    Ice cream anyone?

    Box of tickets

    View from the main entrance.. looking a bit sad

    Facing the screen

    Standing on the stage

    Still loads more tucked away i didnt have time to photo, they say demolition is on the cards but i sure hope someone goes in and saves the equipment first, i want a rectifier and projector for my house!!! it would be a crime to see any of it in a skip
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