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Thread: The ABC Cinema (aka Regal/Cannon) - Wakefield - 9/2/09

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    Default The ABC Cinema (aka Regal/Cannon) - Wakefield - 9/2/09

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    An old favorite, plenty of reports of this one on here allready. Ive planned this into road trips several times before but never had time untill yesterday. The old access had dissapered so a 3 hour cat and mouse game with me, a car park attendent and about 10 cabbies ensued. Im not sure why people think its acceptible to stare at a guy trying to climb a derelict cinema wearing waders! I won in the end. To be honest it wasnt quite as good as id been hoping, the ceiling is stunning but other then that it was quite bland (apart from my favorite room with the letters!) Still, glad to have seen it!

    The Regal Cinema was designed by Associated British Cinemas in-house architect William R. Glen, and opened on 9th December 1935. It has a town centre location on Kirkgate at the corner of Sun Lane facing into, and visible from, the town centre.

    Not as large as some later ABC houses the Regal accommodated 1,594 but had a full stage 26 feet deep behind the 43 feet wide proscenium. The interior was rather plainer than many of Glen's cinemas with concealed lighting under the balcony and at the rear of the ceiling and pendant fittings casting light upwards towards the front of the cinema.

    It was renamed ABC in 1962 and became a triple operation from 11th November 1976 with screen 1 seating 532 in the balcony using the original screen and projection suite and screen 2 (236 seats) and 3 (170 seats) in the rear stalls area.

    It was renamed Cannon but closed in 1997 following the Cineplex multi-screen cinema opening in December 1996 and has been empty and for sale since. A covenant restricting its use to film exhibition has been the reason the site has not been redeveloped or alternative uses found for the building.
    (Thanks again Cinema Treasures!)

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