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Photos of the original building -


Present day -

The original foyer was divided in two when the original single cinema screen was subdived in to two smaller screens on the first floor and a bingo hall on the ground floor.

The right hand side of the foyer takes you to the bingo hall.

This would have been the stalls and the original cinema screen.

Looks like they had a good party on the last night

Someone forgot to tidy up before they left


The bar (not part of the original building )

Looking back from the stage

The left hand foyer leads up to the cinema foyer on the first floor.

Screen 1 - This would have originally been part of the circle.

Also on the first floor is the office

This staircase leads to the staff area on the 2nd floor!

Battery Charger

Spare signs

Spare projectors

Spare control unit

A small staircase then leads up to the projection room

Control Unit



Spare Reels


Control Unit

I'm no film buff so answers on a postcard if you know what they were last showing!

I liked the texture on this door