Built 1910, to replace an earlier theatre that had burned to the ground. By the 1960's it had been converted to a cinema, and then into a bingo hall, and "Jonny's amusements"

I can only assume Jonny was responsible for the decimation of the auditorium. A false ceiling has been erected at the level of the circle. This hides the top of the stage, balcony, and statue plinths. I'm almost glad it did this, as it hid them from Jonny and his paintbrush!! Most of the plasterwork looks like it has been painted with a 2" brush... it's carnage on the poor old place!!

The century old plasterwork and glass were not the only notable features. The contents of the bar and offices were of quite a vintage themselves!!

The gas lamp at the top of the audototium is out of this world to say the least... EPICNESS at it's best.

As one of the best preserved theatres or cineams I have seen, I pray there is a future for this amazing building.