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Thread: Doncaster Odeon May 09

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    Arrow Doncaster Odeon May 09

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    Built in 1934 and Originally 'The Gaumont Palace Theatre' designed by W. E. Trent and W. Sydney Trent, Doncaster odeon stands on Hall street in Doncaster. Its a large building and could hold 2020 people in the audotorium when built, and when Odeon took over in 1987, a further 2 screens where introduced under the balcony, seating around 150 each. Unfortunately a great fascade was dropped over the beautiful art deco entrance around this time too...

    April 10th, 2008 saw the end with a final showing of "Never Back Down"

    Above was mostly sauced from http://cinematreasures.org.

    I met up with Muttely and Shhhh, and spent a good few hours in there. There are a few things of interest, but the majority of the cinema has being ripped out, a big shame.

    'Who knows' if the deco stuff is left behind the fascade...

    One of the dressing rooms, i wonder if this was the one the the beatles used, mybe even the rolling stones...

    Workshops behind of the stage.

    Behind of the stage, and pitch black, definately the selling point for me. Top to bottom with curtains and pulleys. Actually, the original Hoover motors are situated at the bottom, should have got a photo.

    Audotorium, only the seats on the ground level are in place...

    Spot light. there where a lot of colour slides on the floor, along with a lightbox.

    Switchboards, not much else on this level

    Genny room

    Lazeruth bought the property and did have plans for it, and that was for it to be demolished with a casino in its place, but that was last year and this is now. No one really knows what will happen...

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