Hidden and decaying above an amusement arcade In Batley, West Yorkshire is the former Regent Picture House. Above a suspended ceiling are the remains of the old cinema, built just after the end of the Great War in 1919.

Originally it could hold 800+ patrons who would have paid to see the films of the day.

For a moment, I thought I was at VIlla Park/Upton Park/Turf Moor (football "joke")

Lets check out the circle, the only part that remains.

Although the tiered flooring remains in the circle, many of the seats have long gone. Two rows of original seats are left.

Did I say the circle was the only part that remained? Sorry, there was a bit more...

What does this door say?

Two projectors remain in here.

Both projectors were the same make.

Although there looked to be a seperate rewind room next door, there was a film on the rewinder in the projection room.

An atractive Hindu lady smiled back at me from the frames of the film.

At some time in the past (1970/80's?) a suspended ceiling has been put in, and covered up the beautiful plasterwork.

The ornate plaster work of the ceiling remain.
Plans are in the pipeline to convert the upstairs of the venue, but keeping many of the original features.

Many thanks to Reverend Matt of Donut for the heads up on this.