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Thread: Market Harborough Cinema

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    Default Market Harborough Cinema

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    Myself and AdamLC had a litle explore today, was rather unsuccesful but informative and given us more information about the seemingly well intact Golden Wonder Building in Market Harborough ( South Leicestershire )

    We reccied The Kwik Save/Cinema ( access near immpossible without tools, or a flair for climbing and heights )

    the building inside appears to be trashed and is very very well boarded up, metal bars across windows etc

    we had a good scout around and determined to weak spots to get in, but unfortunately they werent weak enough, we decided due to the state of the bulding and the internals it really wuldnt be worth causing forced entry to access the ruined site, we may approach the holding company though to view it, as a 'potential' buyer

    we also tried the boarded up medical wing on the still live site in market harborough, again access was limited and we were spotted by staff so decided to make a quick exit with the police station being less than a minute away!

    the next site was the old golden wonder building they have upped the boarding front somewhat but there is a fantastic access point, but must be done during the evening, as the access point is on a street with a busy shop opposite

    we also discovered a very recently closed site, toyoda gosei on one of the industrial sites, we had just lifted an unlcoked shutter when we heard the alarm go off and we scarpered, but will return in the evening, the pics arent much to look at and we unfortunately didnt get a chance to photograph toyoda gosei

    i somewhat expext this to end up in the epic fail bin as i guess it wasnt a successful report in sense of it being a report, but never the less provided us great info and the discovery of a new site


    we coldnt work out what this was for

    original cinema bulbs



    Golden Wonder

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    Default Re: Market Harborough Sites

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    It was a good day out! Even thought we couldn't access any of the buildings, it has certainly given us a few leads and possible points of entry, especially on the Golden Wonder offices. It was a shame to see the old cinema in such a state, but I suppose it was to be expected.

    Toyoda Gosei looks like it could be good, but seemed very secure. That burgler alarm scared me a bit when I first heard it!

    My photos aren't really worth putting up, I pretty much have the same shots as you. Although I have got one of the front of the cinema:

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