Visited with Speed.

I had a few things on the list for Portsmouth so when Speed said that he needed to pick up some car parts from the South Coast, we decided to do a bit of exploring at the same time. We had a mooch around Victoria swimming baths and drove past the empty nightclub on the seafront but it was so busy and looked a bit past it so we headed straight for the cinema.

I can't even put the stench of this place into words. I am of a fairly weak disposition anyway and would come first place in a winge and moaning competition so I made the most of this situation and had a big diva strop about the smell. It's like shit, dead animals, probably dead people, sewage, mould and piss all cooked up and simmered in a rotting space for a good long time. Blurgghhhhh.

Apart from the pit of despair, it was actually a "nice" cinema. We didn't get in all of it but if there's a way of going back in that doesn't include balancing on a dodgy ladder over a lake of death, I'd be well up for it

Here's the photos: