The godfrey morgan wetherspoon is situated within a converted cinema. The building, after it served its life as a cinema, was then used as a bingo hall when it shut down and was left untouched until 1998 when it opened its doors as a wetherspoon. Alot of the orignal feature remain within the pub but most of the stuff is hidden behind false walls which i managed to get behind and explore.

A brief history of godfrey morgan:

Godfrey Morgan, Viscount Tredegar, was Newport's greatest benefactor, and his name is now this Wetherspoon pub.

The most influential family Newport has ever known was the Morgans, who lived in Tredegar House from the early 15th century until 1951. Godfrey Morgan, Viscount Tredegar (1831-1913), was Newport's greatest benefactor. His gifts included the Athletic Ground (1877), the Free Library (1882), the land for Belle Vue Park (1894), the Royal Gwent Hospital (1901) and the Technical Institute (1910). He was made a viscount in 1905; in 1909, he became a freeman of both Newport and Cardiff

The pub today:

As a bingo hall:


Note the unusual (for UK) projection room position at the front of the balcony. 1989.

So heres what iv got:

Cant really make it out but i managed to make my way up to the roof,

Be kind its my first report of such and im using an N95 camera lol