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Thread: Aylesbury ODEON 31/1/10

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    Default Aylesbury ODEON 31/1/10

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
    Visited with my good ol' mate Mookie and was kindly given a tour with Landie_Man!

    I gotta say, even though its no way in hell the most immaculate location I've ever visited, its got the award of having the most stuff left behind in it - projectors, reels, paperwork, ticket machines you name it. Its just a shame with the amount of graffiti the local kids have done to it (there's also been an arson attack which thankfully was very minor in one of the smaller screens) but worst of all was the AMOUNT OF PIGEON SHIT AT THE TOP! ABSOLUTELY VILE!

    Oh and one more thing before the pics - guess who caught us coming out of the cinema. ONE OF MY TEACHERS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Thankfully it was only painted on the wall!

    Arson attack

    I know its only a door but according to Landie_Man a tramp died in here on the last night!

    80s Ticket Machine - some of these were STILL wrapped up in plastic and presumably never used!

    Some cool paperwork

    Someone's gotta salvage this before its demolished!

    Really sorry about the low quality but I don't have a flashgun yet and it was pitch black! Yes I do have a tripod though!

    Again it was extremely difficult to get a shot here due to pitch darkness and my shutter locking

    Projector room - just look at the amount of shit!

    Roof shot


    Can I get my full membership back now please?
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