Visited with Speed.

After a heated argument on the way into Sheffield about whether all members of Pulp were actually from Sheffield and not Rotherham, we eventually decided to "agree to disagree" (I was right) and just get on with the derelict delights that lay in store for us. The Ritz cinema was a cute little place in what appeared to be a bit of a dodgy part of town so it was surprising to find this place still accesible and not steel boarded.

Inside was a very odd selection of stuff just dumped in the foyer like two headed knitted dolls Some kind of mutant wool? Structurally, the cinema is suffering a bit due to half the roof missing but you can see how stunning it would have been in its day. The walls against the main stage/screen are curved so it almost looks like the whole things is circular-egg shaped. Very nice

Here are the photos! Sorry they're a bit wank, I don't think I was concentrating!