This was a small cinema on Boaler Street, which is between the inner suburbs of Anfield and Kensington. Opened in May 1922 it had 630 seats, including a tiny balcony. The original name was The Graphic Cinema but it was renamed the Cosy in 1932. Despite much local competition it remained independently owned, surviving until January 4 1958.
After closure it was used by a firm of meat packers and latterly as storage for a furniture shop. The unused parts have gently decayed and certainly want recording.

Doors to the balcony

The balcony, plus assorted rubbish! note the crude false ceiling

Proscenium remains, the false ceiling masks the depth!

Cinema type passage window

Fresh air ventilator inlet

Projection room

Curtain windlass and pigeon toilet

The remains of the outside neon-lit name