This cinema is on Cosham high street and was build in 1934 as the The Carlton Cinema. It has a Art Deco design and has been renovated twice. First in WW2 after it was hit and badly damaged during an air raid in which 4 people were killed. And again in 1982 when it became a 3 screen cinema. The cinema has had many names though the years, including The Carlton; The Classic; Essoldo and Cannon and was known as Cineplex when it was closed in 2007, but it is known to most as ABC. The future is uncertain for this building.

I went solo for this explore and had to rush it a bit, which is a shame because there are lots of interesting shots to be had. There is a massive basement, Roof access from inside the building and lots of little rooms and hatches.

Street shot

Big main screen (not sure what number)

Medium size screen

Small screen


Projector room

Ventilation fan inside an air duct in the basement

The place has been trashed and graffitied a bit, but is not as bad as I expected. The only untouched area might be the projector room for the big screen as access it blocked pretty well, unless there is another way in that I didn't see? This was one of my favourite explores, mostly because of the good memories I have from my childhood. Its a shame to see it like this but it brought back some good times.