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Thread: Glenroyal Cinema, Shipley - August 2010

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    Arrow Glenroyal Cinema, Shipley - August 2010

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    I've been slack at getting this one up and fear it may have been done to death. To be fair, I didn't think I had any decent shots whatsoever of this until I had a scan through last night and figured these would be worth uploading.

    The Glenroyal Cinema opened on September 5, 1932 with a screening of Emma. The cinema was state of the art at the time, with 1,200 seats and ultra-modern sound and projection technology.

    30 years later, the Glenroyal closed. Its doors re-opened again the following year as a casino, before ultimately becoming a Kings Bingo. An unflattering false ceiling was installed at this time, which hid the grand Art Deco fixtures.

    Caught ya!
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