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Thread: Glenroyal Cinema - Shipley W.Yorks - Aug '10

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    Default Glenroyal Cinema - Shipley W.Yorks - Aug '10

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    Glenroyal Cinema - Shipley - West Yorkshire - August 2010

    Visited with Host.

    Well, we got there eventually, after captain Sat Nav tried to send us to Leeds, we worked it out and turned up after another busy morning in your Mills.

    Well, trashed in parts, beatiful in others, smells bad and is full of debris but overall is a really nostalgic place, with lots of reminders of its original proposition, a cinema! Projectors, film reels, paperwork, bulbs etc all floating around the place.

    A brief history as its been done a few times recently by other members.

    The Shipley Picture House Company (later to become Glenroyal Cinema Company) built this showpiece super-cinema, the 1200-seater Glenroyal in a prime position in Briggate and only a few yards away from the old and now defunct Shipley Picture House. It was the idea of Shack Hyde as this was to become the flagship of his A.S Hyde Circuit and built at a cost of 25,000 GBP with over seventy percent of the work done by local labour and materials supplied by local tradesmen.

    During late 2003, the prominent position and the height of the old Glenroyal building had not escaped the attention of mobile phone and communication companies who have just added a tubular steel safety railing on the roof above the former projection room and large antennae masts have appeared.
    With so much of the original features of the Glenroyal still in existence it must surely be possible to restore it to its former glory. Such restoration has been done successfully in other much older cinema halls around Yorkshire. All that is needed is someone with the vision and business acumen of the late Shack Hyde to bring back some character, atmosphere and individuality that is sadly lacking from today's multiplex cinemas.

    The Pictures...

    (Courtesy of Google Images, forgot to take my own external)

    Upon entry, I was a bit dissapointed if I'm being honest...

    Into the Projection Room

    A quick nosey in the rafters...

    Paperwork and Blueprints dotted about...

    Myself actually being a Shadow, and kind of hidden.

    And thats all, cheers for viewing!
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