This building is due to be demolished, to be replaced by a larger, state of the art theatre.
The building was erected in 1837 as the Hope Hall Chapel, then the Anglican church of John the Baptist from 1841 and finally became a public hall in 1853. Converted to the Hope Hall cinema in 1915, as an independent it lasted until July 1959. Surprisingly it re-opened in May 1961, showing alternative films, re-named the Everyman Cinema in December and closed for good in November 1963. The balcony was then extended to provide a stage and it became the Everyman Theatre. In 1977 the frontage was demolished and re-built, but the auditorium was left.
This was a with permission explore, as photography is normally prohibited due to copyright issues over the stage sets.

View after closure in 1959

The present day 1977 frontage

Note the cinema seats and forms

The backstage facilities!

A dressing room

Under the stage area

Under stage lifts

the foyer, showing the original cast iron columns for the U shaped balcony