I do like derelict Cinemas, no idea why but they're always some of my favourite explores and this one was no exception.

Hot on the heels of other recent visitors, I visited this with Kent_urbex - cheers for driving mate, made a nice change

After a couple of other fails, and a rather expensive food stop (don't ask) we decided to head up here as we were pretty sure we would be successful. Cheers to Trogolodyte for some help

It's a reasonable size cinema, 3 screens which would have origenally been one big screen, but they chopped the corners off the back to make 2 additional smaller ones, leaving quite an odd shaped screen 1. The projector room for this place was pretty big, and all the lights worked as well which made a nice change. I couldn't get the lights working in the screens thou, no matter how many switches I turned on!

The Reception Desk


Screen 1 - excuse the cobwebs, there were loads of them everywhere. Must be some big spiders living in that place somewhere!

Shows how they trippled it, leaving a long corridor bit at the back, which they even stuffed some seats into. I don't think it would have been very nice to watch a film from those seats at the back.

Screen 2 and 3 were practically identical to each other

Screen 3

Projector Room. This was the highlight really. Even though there weren't any projectors left, just the stands, there was one lamp unit on the floor, very heavy thing to lift thou so we left it where it was. Loads of little bits and pieces lying around up here.

And that's it really. There are offices and a staff room etc. but they're pretty boring to photograph, so I didn't bother.

Thanks for looking.