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Thread: The Winter Gardens - Morecambe - Nov 10'

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    Arrow The Winter Gardens - Morecambe - Nov 10'

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    The Victoria Pavilion Theatre was built in 1897 as part of an existing complex. Dating from 1878, the original complex included seawater baths, bars and a ballroom. In the 1950s, the Winter Gardens were taken over by Moss Empires, however declining profits in the following decades led to its closure in 1977. Although the theatre building that remains today was listed the same year, the ballroom building was demolished in 1982.

    In 2008, as part of an appraisal of the Morecambe Conservation Area, the Winter Gardens were listed as one of the area's most significant features, as the main example of the remnants of the resortís nineteenth century entertainment buildings. In 2008, the Winter Gardens were featured on the tenth series of the ghost hunting show Most Haunted. They returned in October 2009, when the Winter Gardens was opened to the public as the live audience venue for the eight consecutive nights of the Most Haunted Live! broadcast.

    Visited with ZerO81, Linerider & Pixielulu

    Apologies if you think this is Pic heavy its my first report. Be Kind

    Above: Projection room roof and Crawl Space

    Above: maybe not the best pic but I love it :

    Above: ZerO81's camera and the aptly named Satanic Goat

    Check out more over at my Flickr
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    Thanks for organising this trip, it truly is a spectacular place

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