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Thread: Regal Cinema Kingston

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    Default Regal Cinema Kingston

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    Initialy checked this out with Tucker but couldn't find access,get home and Speed's put up a report ......doh must try harder

    Revisited with Datsun

    Opened on 15th February 1932, as 'The Regal Cinema' and the first film to be shown was "Splinters of the Navy" with Sydney Howard.

    In 1936 Union Cinemas took over, and the name changed along with it a year later in 1937. It was in 1938, however, that Union Cinemas were taken over by ABC (Asociated British Cinemas) and the ABC's name was changed back to Regal, a year later, during 1938.

    After 23 years the cinema would have it's name changed again! In August 1961 it became the ABC again. The Wurlitzer organ was removed in 1972, and taken to the 'Musical Museum' in nearby Brentford, where it can still be seen and heard today.

    I asked about the Wurlitzer In Brentford and have seen and heard it,i didn't have camera with me at the time

    Closure came on July 17th 1976 after showing 'Blondie' and 'Adventures of a Taxi Driver' and it was not until 1991 that it would reopen, although only as a Coral Bingo Club. Since April 2010, Gala Bingo (who presumably took over from Coral) the building has been boarded up and closed down. Fortunately, however, it is Grade II listed.

    Datsun in the top circle

    Pidgeon Poop Projector

    Looking into Kingston

    Aircon/Heating fan

    2nd Projector a floor down,found remains of a third projector in the basement


    found this downstairs,scared the crap out of me

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