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Report - A return to greenbank Police station / hosp laundry / courthouse ... Jan 2013

Discussion in 'Other Sites' started by LAIR, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. LAIR

    LAIR 28DL Full Member
    28DL Full Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    A return to Greenbank Police station / hosp laundry / courthouse ... Jan 2013 P1

    Myself and Threxxy went on a visit to the fairly well known Greenbank police station of old here in Plymouth ...
    Armed with a Nokia N8 12 megapixel camera phone and a knackered torch (unbelievable )

    There have been previous reports here but last i have seen is 2011 ... so heres a update before it completely collapses ....

    WARNING TO ALL WHO ENTER HERE : FLOORS IN COURTHOUSE ARE COMPLETELY ROTTEN . TREAD WITH EXTREME CAUTION ... i fell through 2 places and held on by fingertips when floor just collapsed aound me . If Threxxy wasn't there i may have had slightly larger problems ( nice save mate ) .... Urbexing alone not always great idea whatever you do or where ever you go in this game be wary and careful :thumb

    Formally full of crack heads n other undesirables its now clear except for the extreme pigeon shit and the odd kamikaze pigeon flying out from a hole in floor !...
    Mostly boarded up in various ways but as we know here " There's always a way in ! "
    A very good start finding a way onto site quickly , little look around building perimeter straight into the old hospital laundry area.

    Not a lot to see really but still a look about was still in order ... the roof is all but collapsed in and bits hanging were a bit off putting later but wind had picked up. But initially we went in every door and hole we could find at time ...
    Whats left of the control room fuse boxes etc. Lots cupboards or lockers in a dark area of course torch decided to play up now of all times. couple ladders to next floor and couple offices .

    What was left of a conveyor system assumed to be for the laundry at the time . more pigeon shite !
    lots of graffiti and some good art on walls ... this was just the laundry :laugh...

    Here we have pics from both of us ... Threxxys pics are tagged by himself (blue) and mine are just there (Red)... a joint effort but together it works to see what we did :thumb
    Was a nice day for a explore.... just as we got into area

    You may take the stairs n block the doors ... but " THERES ALWAYS A WAY IN " ;OP


    Laundry room

    At this point the batt on my DSLR died (stupid me thought it was charged) so it was out with the camera phone (Threxxy):

    Reeeeeally !?! :rolleyes:
    I don`t think its going to be a simple change of the bulb here

    Thought for a min after seeing the batteries that it was ye olde urbexers camera instructions ... strange :rolleyes:
    What do you reckon on a scale of 1 to 10

    Into the storage area above the laundry we go
    Catch the pigeon ...without falling through floor ... ( thats later :rolleyes: )

    This was building next to the tower thought no way seemed to be clear to get from A to B . I would say has been offices and storage over the years but alsas not a whole lot left as been water damaged and stripped mostly now

    A view of the bell tower (the ultimate goal)

    little close to neighbouring fire station ...reminder self : duck !
    and a sneaky peek of the fire department's courtyard.

    Air conditioning optional

    This may be a hint for further in the buildings .... pigeons have taken over and carpet dumped the area :eek:

    Weird fish thing also seen on earlier reports
    Piece by Yiso

    not so much left now

    Wondered where he went ... like a ninja this 1...to the roof

    What's left of the roof is accessible but is what an estate agent would call 'authentic' and 'rustic'
    Tempting to roof-hop to the bell tower but probably far from wise...

    Watch your step

    could have been part of the police station at some point
    Cells ?

    Unfortunately not a lot left in this building really but hey something to remember before its gone.

    Ye Olde Court House


    This was an interesting building . think this is the one that most people will recognise from older reports and generally when Greenbank police station, Plymouth is mentioned .
    not a lot inside but the target of the tower was still to be beaten ... so yet more feathers couple pigeon carcasses and bout a foot of pigeon crap we made it .

    Here she stands ... for now ...

    Better to take the pigeon shit slope. The plough-lines are where there are beams in the ceiling ;)

    A view down Greenbank Road toward Mutley Plain

    Onwards.... what could be this way

    What a sight ... you would just want to get over there wouldn`t you ...

    But a subtle hint i think ...be careful this floor was like wet paper !

    Judge not the stability of the floor, lest ye be judged. That area would soon become a 5' x 5' hole.
    Court in the act

    A long lost urbexer ? prob under the floor :eek:
    A cell on the lower floor, had my DSLR not been dead I could have got a better shot.

    I know in a court sometimes you are sent down but surely there was steps not a virtual judges trapdoor !

    To the tower ...

    Long way up there
    tower mid section

    Goal achieved Another view of Greenbank Road; this time towards the sea from the upper section of the bell tower.

    Seeing the state of this place now it wont be too long till it collapses inside out ... tis a pity but thanks to urbexers like 28days these places live on :thumb
    #1 LAIR, Feb 4, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013

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