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New Members Info - Part 1 of 2

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Cuuvin, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Cuuvin

    Cuuvin 28DL Colonial Member
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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Howdy all This is a couple of threads that have useful information for 28DL new members.

    Part 1 is mostly copied from the old site's FAQ.

    Part 2 shows how to create a new thread, post pictures ,edit your post & reply to a post. Has lots of screen grabs from the new site, Hopefully the information on this post will work for you, as these threads are posted by a member not the official Admin team.

    For New Members YOU MUST READ THIS before you post a report

    The process of posting reports is covered in detail here as are the guidelines on what is deemed to be a report of acceptable quality. Consider these key points before posting :

    • Choose the right forum to post in, we have a wide choice to choose from. Choosing the right one should be self explanatory but remember this is a UK based UE forum so ANY site outside the UK, no matter what type of site it is, MUST go in the European and International Sites forum.

    • Reports must to be correctly titled. This MUST include the name of the site, the location of the site and the Month/Year of the visit. Do not specify a day.

    • For example - "My Back Shytehouse, Backgardenland - September 20xx" (If the title isn't right you will be asked to rename it. If this is not actioned within a reasonable time frame the report will simply be deleted).

    • If possible, try to include a brief history of the site.

    • As a rule, there should be no need to post less than 6 and no more than 10 pictures in a single report. If the site is particularly interesting and requires more pictures, then it is quite likely you will be asked to post more.

    • As a guide, and if this is your first time posting on 28DL, we recommend a maximum picture size of no larger than of 1024 x 768 pixels. We also reserve the right to delete pictures that are overtly large or do not justify being larger than the 28DL standard. Just so you know what we're talking about, here are some examples

    • It's recommended that your pictures be adequately re-sized prior to uploading them to your preferred image host or attaching them to the post.

    • HDR. Do not submit highly tone mapped, overcooked or cartoonified images.

    • If you must use HDR, be subtle with it. Remember, less is more. Ultimately we would prefer non-HDR images that actually show what the site looks like rather than what the photographer wants the site to look like.

    • More information on how to post your pictures is given later on.
    REMEMBER - This is a moderated forum so reports must first be cleared by Quality Control to ensure standards are being maintained. Exceptionally bad reports will be deleted on sight, so please don't be offended!

    Press and Media Enquiries
    If you are one of the following...

    • University Students.

    • Film Makers.

    • Press.

    • Ghost hunters.

    • Bands looking for a photo shoot or video location.

    • Location Scouting.

    DO NOT ENQUIRE ON THE FORUM... Your requests will not be published. You can use the Contact Us button to send a request to admin where we will distribute it as required.

    Security and Locations

    DO NOT post pictures and/or discuss access details as many areas of the forum are publicly viewable. By posting things like “ I'm going there Thursday evening” in reports in a public part of the forum you are potentially telling everyone concerned with securing the site of your intended visit. This is NOT a good idea. The owners, their security firm, their CCTV monitoring company, the local ‘neighbourhood watch’ or even the Police (BTP, M.o.D Plod etc.); They DO monitor this forum so any or all of them could be waiting for you when you arrive on site. And not forgetting any local Chav/Pikey/Smack head that might feel like popping down to nick your potentially expensive kit. The same goes for posting pictures of access, this simply shows exactly what window, door, hole in the wall etc. needs to be secured which gets sites locked down. Keep dates and times to yourself, or if you want to share with others, do it ‘off-forum’. The Moderation team spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort editing out dates and times. If you are posting a report on a hospitals/Care homes/Doctors surgery/Dentist etc., DO NOT post any pictures that directly identify patients (names, hospital numbers, NHS numbers etc.) Any information left behind is morally, and legally, the problem of the NHS under information governance rules. However they have lots of lawyers who can tie us up in legal red tape if they so wish. By all means post the pictures, but please blur/pixelate out the details first. The same goes for any Staff details.


    DO NOT join with the expectation that other members on this site will freely share information about sites with you, including such things as precise location, site security and access details. There is nothing more annoying than a new member who won’t even do their own basic research expecting current members to share (their often hard gained) knowledge. You could, of course, also simply be security for particular site fishing for information with a view to getting the place locked down. The same goes for asking, in general, about sites local to you. Expecting members to give you an endless list of explorable locations is simply unrealistic. In the first instance USE ONE OF THE MANY SEARCH FACILITIES available to you. You can use either the forums search function

    Search Box

    click on Search...

    enter search criteria & click Search button or ...

    select the More... button for advanced search. There are additional tabs on this page for very specific searches. If you need help on these tabs, post the question in the new members forum.

    or use Google with the site specific search, for example site:28dayslater.co.uk bedford will generate a list of reports containing the word Bedford. Remember, most UE is based on trust and the same applies to 28DL. The more you join in, post locations and generally get involved, the more likely the members will want to share information, and have this reciprocated, with you.

    And it's not only on this forum you could be looking, try:

    • Architects websites

    • Architectural news websites

    • Arrse (Army rumours forum)

    • basejumper . Com (a nice 2 way relationship – we both feed each other info at times)

    • Bing maps

    • Building company websites

    • Buildings at risk register

    • Charities Commission

    • Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (http://ctbuh.org/)

    • Companies house

    • Crown Estates

    • Demolition company websites

    • Derp /Subbrit /flickr/ photobucket/deviant art (etc. etc. )

    • e-goat (RAF rumours forum)

    • Ebay - maps, plans, deeds, historical paperwork, post cards, etc.

    • English Heritage (and it's Scottish/Welsh equivalents)

    • English Nature

    • Estate agents

    • Facebook

    • Freedom of Information act requests

    • geograph (org .uk)

    • Good old leg work/looking around

    • Google

    • Google earth

    • Graffiti forums (I'll not list them, but a few out there)

    • Keeping your ears open (found a cracking explore from an overheard conversation in a hospital lift once)

    • Keeping your eyes open

    • Letterboxing websites/forums

    • Local archaeological societies

    • Local authority planning applications

    • Local Fire service websites (where have the local chavs been trying to torch?)

    • Local historical societies

    • Local knowledge (ask around)

    • Local library

    • Local museum

    • Local papers

    • Local Police website (where have they been to catch pikeys?)

    • Local TV news

    • National library

    • National Trust

    • navy-net (Navy rumours forum)

    • Ordinance survey maps (new)

    • Ordinance survey maps (old)

    • Photo library collections (Frith etc.)

    • police999 . com

    • policeoracle . com

    • The National archives

    • ukpoliceonline .co . uk

    • What do they know? website

    • Where' s the path? website

    • YouTube
    That's the sort of thing people here regularly do

    Remember - it's urban exploration, not urban tourism......

    Forum Membership
    There are different levels of membership within the forum, all of which are based on experience and contribution and meeting various requirements (decided by the Admin/Mod team).

    Posting on the forum
    • After your account has been approved by an administrator, you become a New Member.

    • New members can reply to all other threads on the forum.

    • New Members will have a number of user account & profile restrictions in place.
    This is a moderated forum. New Members posts are held in a queue which may (or may not) be approved by a moderator. This is not a free speech utopia; if your post doesn't fit, it will be deleted and we will not give personal reasons why. Other forums may work differently but we have found that using this approach has been the most consistent way of keeping 28DL working effectively.

    Posting your Urban Exploration reports

    • Posting UE sites is always going to be subjective as it’s quite hard to put into words exactly what constitutes an interesting site worth sharing and one that is no more than a ruin, so putting together a set of guidelines can only be that - guidelines.
    Firstly, remember this isn’t a photography forum so photography skills are not essential, nor is owning a decent camera. First and foremost your pictures need to show what the site actually looks like. As a rule, make sure your pictures are…

    • Correctly exposed.

    • Not blurry.

    • Not wonky.


    • No HDR.
    • If any of your pictures are NOT any of the above, don’t post them, or they will be likely be deleted.
    Think about the site in terms of “Urban Exploration”. It is many things to many people but in terms of what’s acceptable to 28DL this must mean that some degree of challenge has gone into accessing the site; at the very least this should be considered to be gaining access to a site that would generally be thought of as to be inaccessible by the general public.

    EG; walking around a field that contains a few wrecked, burnt out cars does not really count as Urban Exploration. There is a chance that it might make for some interesting photography, but this has very little to do with actual process of urban exploration. This would also be true for many readily accessible derelict residential streets or houses.

    There is also the case of permission visits. Essentially the site must still be valid in terms of UE, meaning the site is still not readily or easily accessible to the general public. In broad terms this would therefore exclude museums, except where accessing the non-public areas. It is also recommended that you make the site owner aware that you intend to publish the pictures.

    When photographing a site, try to think about how other users will “understand” how the site works.

    This means conveying the “sense of space” of the site, so pictures that show the “overall” content work better than lots of close up, detailed pictures.

    It's well worth including some detailed and/or close up pictures if the report benefits from it, but make sure they are given in the correct “context”, ie, try to include a good mix of both overall and detail level pictures.

    Secondly, is the site interesting enough to post a report on? Consider the following points and review your pictures against them.

    • Is the site mainly burnt out?

    • Is the site just a lot of very large, empty spaces?

    • Is the site a ruin? For example, just a few stone walls or waterlogged, wrecked set a rooms.

    • Is the site an empty residential property containing just a few items of broken furniture?

    • Is the site mainly covered in graffiti?

    If your happy your site does not mainly consist of any of the above, then it's probably worth posting. Such is the nature of UE that it's practically unavoidable to find any site that would fully exclude ALL of the above.

    Remember there are always going to be exceptions to the rule and so it's important that if you consider your site interesting enough, for example, perhaps it has a significant place in history but it's now a graffiti raddled empty ruin of a derp, then it's still probably worth posting.

    If your new to UE the best thing to do is have a look through some of the other forums on 28DL and study what other people have posted.

    This should soon give you an idea of what's acceptable, both in terms of content & format of threads (site reports).

    If you still have any questions, then they can be posted in the New Members Forum.

    This is a private area of the forum reserved for use by only New Members and Mentors. It is not publicly viewable.

    Mentors are established members of the exploring community who have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you might have. No question is considered too small to ask, so feel free to ask anything exploring or forum related. They will do their best to answer respectfully and fairly and we ask that you treat them the same.

    Also note - any reports considered to be below standard by the 28DL Moderation Team will be moved in to this forum for advice and guidance by the mentors and moderators.

    continued on Part 2


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