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New Members Info - Part 2 of 2

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Cuuvin, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Cuuvin

    Cuuvin 28DL Colonial Member
    28DL Full Member

    Aug 26, 2009
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    continued from Part 1

    Starting a Thread
    Determine which forum category best suits the subject of your post.

    In this case, Industrial Sites forum is selected. Forum may or may not have the description fly-out

    Select post Post New Thread button

    next select title prefix by pushing drop-down arrow

    Select title prefix from list.

    Then type in you title .WHAT , WHERE , & WHEN. When to be month & year only. Enter text in the editing window. Should include a bit of history, or links to other sites, 28DL reports (with proper credits)

    Inserting Pictures. First method. If you host your pictures on an external site,make sure they're properly sized first. See first page for examples of “Properly Sized Photos “ 1024 pixels – long side. Use the form shown below. Some sites will have the option to copy various linking codes for different types of posting sites. Use only the URL with IMG in front (BB Code) & /IMG on the end. Delete anything else, it's not needed (link-backs). Hit preview button & scroll up. (drag down) to see preview screen

    Preview screen

    You Should see the picture you want displayed. If there is only text, check the link for complete URL, spaces (no spaces), missing characters ( [ ] / ). if still not getting picture, post a question, asking for assistance. Got pic., scroll back down to editing screen


    Notice the link is now showing the picture. Next method is uploading (attaching) a properly sized picture from your computer. See first page for examples of “Properly Sized Photos “ 1024 pixels – long side. Click Upload a File

    A pop up of you computer directory will be displayed . Find the pic, or select multiple pics to upload at once. Click Open button

    & there is a limit to how many pics that can be uploaded to a post.
    pic limit.jpg

    You'll see the pics being uploaded. WAIT until all pics are upload by checking that the thumbnail has turned from white to the pic. Then look at the top of the list by Insert Every Picture as a … then click Full Image. Pics will be inserted as a thumbnail otherwise as a default. If you add more pics. Click Full Image on the newly added pics ONLY . Clicking Insert Every image as... will insert duplicates of already inserted pics along with the added pics. If you wish to Delete a pic, click Delete by the thumbnail

    Using the Preview button you'll notice that the attached pic will show in the editing screen, but you'll only see text in the preview screen

    Using both edit screen and preview screen, check that all pics are full sized, text is as you want it. 1st arrow is a pic externally hosted. 2nd arrow is text. 3rd arrow is attached (uploaded) pic. When you're satisfied with what you see, click Create Thread button and you'll be taken to where it is posted in the Forum. You then have 24 hours to edit any mistakes, add / delete pics, … after which it'll be locked.

    Editing Reports

    If you need to re-edit your report for any reason after you have posted it, click the Edit button at the bottom of your report.

    Editing Screen

    You can then change the contents of your report to correct any typo's, add or remove pictures etc.
    click the Save Changes button to save your changes when you are done.

    Editing Report Title Banners

    To edit the title banner of your report, for example, if you forget to add a date or location, click the Thread Tools button , then the Edit Titlebutton. You can then change the text in the title banner.
    In both cases click the Save Changes button to save your changes when you are done. There is also an option to add a reason for the edits.


    You are allowed 24 hours to edit your report after which it will be locked.

    If you want anything changed after it has been locked, contact the 28DL moderation team by reporting the post.
    Once again, got questions, post them up! Some one will be along to offer help & advice

    Replying to a Post

    Text only reply.

    type text in the editing screen that's located toward the bottom of the page . Before posting, use preview button. See instructions on where to find the preview button further on in this post. If satisfied , click Post Reply button


    Reply with a Quote(s).

    Replying with a quote is a “special” kind of ...”cut&paste”, for lack of a better description . It inserts the OP's post or some other poster's reply in a “box” with a very small blue arrow that when clicked, will open up the post it was quoted from. You'll see QUOTE at the beginning and /QUOTE at he end. These are “BB Codes” which are used to create various effects and linking parts of your post. They are a whole other thing not covered in this post at this time.


    There are 2 buttons used for quoting others posts. Clicking Reply will quote the entire post into your reply. You then type in your comments before the QUOTE tag or after the /QUOTE tag.

    If you want to focus in on only a part or picture of quoted entry, you can edit it in the normal manner. DO NOT add ANYTHING in between the QUOTE tag and the /QUOTE tag. DO NOT edit the top line with the quotee's information. The QUOTE tag and the /QUOTE tag MUST remain around the original quote to work properly.

    This is an example of the Reply editing screen when you've selected the Reply button. Alot of text & picture links have been deleted to show the QUOTE tag and the QUOTE tag. Enter your comments, pics, check preview ( More Options... , Preview buttons) And editing screens. If OK, click Post Reply

    To quote another poster's reply or multiple posters' replies - Multi-Quote


    Click + Quote button . The Button will change to - Quote , indicating quote is “saved. There will also be a brief drop down message to that effect.

    For each quote selected the + Quote button will change to - Quote . If selected by mistake, just click - Quote
    & it'll change back to + Quote .You'll have a chance to delete / reorder the multi-quote before placing them on the editing screen


    Click Insert Quotes … to access the “MultiQuote Clipboard”

    Here you can reorder quotes or remove them. Click Quote These Messages to enter them in your reply.


    How multi-quote looks on-screen. Will have Picture links if they were in original quote.

    Multi-quote result using Preview button, Use both Preview & Editing screens to check you post. If Satisfied ,

    Click Reply to Thread button.

    Preview Button - When Replying to a Post

    • Before hitting the Post Reply button, remember to use the Preview... button to make sure your images actually work.

    Where to find the preview button
    • 'When you've reached a point and want to see what your post will look like you can preview it

    • Select More Options... button. This takes you to the next screen …

    Select Preview... button , then ... 33.jpg

    Scroll up to see the displayed preview.
    • click the Reply to Thread button to save your changes when you are done.
    And finally ...

    Hopefully I've not screwed with your head too much, Most of the Text in the beginning is copied over from the old site's FAQ, you can blame me for the rest …. ;) Have Many exciting, interesting & safe Explores in the future & post those buggers up !

    … Cuuvin ...
    #1 Cuuvin, Jun 19, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2015

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  2. dartian

    dartian 28DL Full Member
    28DL Full Member

    Mar 29, 2015
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    Thats brilliant
    Much appreciated
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