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    COLCHESTER ODEON/REGAL CINEMA HISTORY The original Odeon cinema in Colchester was formerly known as the 'Regal Cinema'. It was designed by Mr. Cecil Masey, whom was well known architect that specialised in the cinema industry, The Regal was built in cc1931. The structure has a Spanish-style...

    Report - Shoeburyness : Old Ranges : Reservoir- June 2022

    Finally we are able to see inside the 'Question mark' ... Old Ranges Reservoir/Tank opposite the Tennis Courts and Commandants House. Someone has destroyed the covering lid and concrete surround.. Clive and myself were looking at another structure nearby and had bought an endoscope with us...

    Report - RAF RIVENHALL - ESSEX - MAY : 2022

    Big Bad Penguin (a mate who's not on 28) and myself decided to do a last minute explore, and found more structures than we had thought we would ... The RAF site, is divided into two with one side repurposed (Polish side) ..and that's taken over largely by quarry works (Northern side)... the...

    Report (Permission Visit) Shoeburyness Police Station, Jan 2022

    ESSEX POLICE STATION & ESSEX COUNTY : FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE : STATION 42 - Shoeburyness. JAN 2022 Over the years this building has transformed from councilors office, doctors surgery, Fire & Police station. The building is currently undergoing a refurb. The work that was delayed to...

    Report - Z ROCKET BATTERY, St Margaret's : Dover, UK - April 2022

    St Margaret's Z-Rocket Battery Shelter, Dover - April 2022 Z ROCKET, St. Margarets - Dover, April 2022. Contrary to popular belief...I've been told that this WAS NOT infact a Z Rocket battery... But a 4x 5.5inch Coastal Gun Battery..Apparently. there is no evidence to support it was even...

    Report - Champagne Caves/Tunnels, Dover, Uk - April 2022

    Champagne Caves, Dover - April 2022 This set of tunnels is located just West of the tunnels known as the Oil Mills, in the Limekiln Street area of Dover. It is likely that the tunnels were originally the result of chalk being mined for lime burning in the nearby kilns during the 19th Century...

    Report - Lydden Spout Tunnels - April 2022

    LYDDEN SPOUT : DOVER, KENT - UK MID April 2022 **WE CLIMBED THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER ** - Bottom > Top Here are some still pics from one of our latest explores. I strongly advise no one attempts to climb this cliff face as its extremely dangerous especially in wet weather. Luckily for us...

    Report - Esplanade 'Jenga' Tunnels, Dover : Jan 2022

    We decided to venture out further than usual and decided to see what we could find in Dover. This was our most favorite explore of the day and it was ALOT bigger than we had expected... The 'Esplanade' Tunnels comprise of three sections.. named Athol Guilford and Trevanion. Athol is the...