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#abadoned #factory #mill

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  1. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Sedbergh Mill, Halifax, December 2020

    This warehouse unit has been in use by many different owners throughout its time. With it being used as the headquarters of John Holdsworth & Co Ltd in 1822. Since then it has been card clothing manufacturers and wire and cable manufacturers as well as a moving and storage company more...
  2. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield, December 2020

    Seen on the way to another location. Easy to get into and you notice immidiately the sheer amount of graffiti artwork in this place from some very talented artists. The site is fairly safe and secure although demolition has been on the cards for a while.
  3. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Turner Brothers Asbestos, Rochdale, Multi Visit 2020

    Been to this site a couple times throughout 2020 so here are some shots from inside. I want to make it very clear that i do not reccomend you enter this building or the site unless you have the correct safety gear. And still with this your health & safety cannot be guaranteed. This site needs to...
  4. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Typhoo Tea Factory - Birmingham, December 2020

    I know this has been done on here before but figured i would make it my first post. Although virtually gutted this fairly large factory hold some beautiful graffiti and some interesting items. Closed about 50 years ago from what i can fild the builidng has been left...
  5. B

    Report - Hermitage Mill, March 2019

    Having spotted this place years ago we’ve only just managed to get around to explore, once onto the site entry into the building was pretty easy, each floor got worse as you went up, flooring was very unstable in some areas and fallen through in certain parts, but majority was safe enough to...
  6. E

    Report - Tonedale mill, Wellington

    Second visit. (See previous post) On second visit here we explored the whole site. There are so many huge deep holes in the floor everywhere so you have to be wary of where you are standing. Wicked place this