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#abadoned #house #ruins

  1. C

    Report - Winstanley Hall urbex/exploration part 1

    These are some of the images from my recent visit to the abandoned and derelict Winstanley Hall that has been left to rot for over 30 years now. Had no problems getting in and even found some fellow urbexers exploring and tagged along with them. I got a warning from a tenant on messenger for...
  2. Hexy79

    Report - Abandoned dwelling south Wales

    Visited this building in Jan after a fellow explorer recommended it to me, sadly since she visited it has been set on fire so the amazing bay windows have gone and so have the stairs to the 2nd floor, some areas of the floor were unsafe but it still had alot of charm, wasn't risking the basement...
  3. Megan93

    Report - Abandoned house bude

    Thankyou @eddsup for this one! Was shocked how big it was and how much land it had surrounding it! Would have been a lovely home on its time, lots of interesting things left inside. Sad looking at the photographs left inside would love to know the history of this place! Was able to get into one...
  4. Cjm

    Report - Bury new road

    My friend and I went to check out a huge abandoned house just off bury new road. I’d read on here it’s potentially an old judges house but I’m not completely sure as there’s not a lot about it on the internet. It was quite hard to get in and the whole place is falling apart so should anyone else...
  5. Markoj96

    Report - Bangour mental hospital / asylum, bathgate scotland edinbugh

    we went to bangour hospital at night. Did avoid security and get in and out safe. Used a cannon bridge camera for the pictures but had to keep the flash low to avoid being caught. This is our first post and we have a YouTube- urban hounds96 Thanks for looking :)
  6. E

    Cattistock Lodge

    Went here for the second time a couple months ago. Really isn’t much to see here anymore but good fun exploring what is left. Struggle to understand why people trash these places and what they get out of it. It’s sad to see how all the personal possessions that remained in this house have...