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  1. ZakG91

    Anything exciting in Leicestershire?

    Hi all, we are new to the forum, me and my partner are Leicestershire based, we have visited and pictured a good amount of disused buildings, farms houses, factories, RAF, WW2 bases ect. the problem we are having now is we can’t think or find anywhere else new we can visit, we do travel but like...
  2. Ashpope667

    Report - Dorking DeepDene railway control centre / surrey / June 2021

    cool little bunker its been my favourite one i have explored. History During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near Dorking in Surrey for its wartime emergency headquarters. In the grounds they excavated an underground control centre taking advantage of a network...
  3. O

    General - New to this

    Hi, I’m Chloe and I’m 24 and want to begin exploring and have been directed to this website. I’m from Eastbourne East Sussex and have access to a car, would anybody be able to point me in the direction of some good places to explore? Thank you :)
  4. theurbexcouple

    Report - Westbury House, West Meon, Jan 2021

    Explore: Last night, me and John went to Westbury House with some new friends we made who are also fellow explorers, thank you to them for showing us and exploring this place with us. Westbury was amazing to explore as it was night time which made it more spooky and eerie. The place kept on...
  5. F

    Question - Abandoned places nearby?

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone knows about any abandoned places in the Bromley and Greenwich boroughs or near places like chislehurst, Bromley or Eltham as my friends and I love to go exploring but can't find any bigish places in the area. I heard that there was an abandoned house in Bromley...
  6. SamMalla

    Sam! 21 Manchester

    Hey! Names Sam from Manchester im 21 & looking to get back into photography, my main interest back in the day was abandoned photo shoots and would love some company gettin back into it. Instagram is Sam_Malla. And I’ve attached some photos of mine from previous explorations!
  7. M

    Lead or Rumour info - 173-175 High street Digbeth Birmingham, Former Chapel (Abandoned)

    Hi All, Im new here so dont know what im really doing. Im currently working on a project which relates to the abandoned church on high street deritend, B12 0LD. Ive been seaching online and it seems that no one has explored this building yet or reported about it yet. The building is empty and...
  8. Satan_Seeker666

    Report - Corah and Sons Factory Leicester (Dec 2020)

    So my plan was to scope out the old corah building and possibly the old board room! I played it risky and went in the day disguised as a student taking photos for an art project (I have a baby face obviously it worked when I was found). unfortunately I couldn’t really see how to get in but I...
  9. Satan_Seeker666

    Report - Corah hosiery factory Leicester (Dec 2020)

    So my plan was to scope out the old corah building and possibly the old board room! I played it risky and went in the day disguised as a student taking photos for an art project (I have a baby face obviously it worked when I was found). unfortunately I couldn’t really see how to get in but I...
  10. Satan_Seeker666

    Report - Glenfield scrap yard Leicester (May 2020)

    So this one I can’t confirm that it’s definitely unused as it has an entry way on a road. But I’ve been several times now and it’s never changed besides this one time I found the remains of a weed farm From trying to work out who it belongs to and anything about it all I’ve found it that it...
  11. Exploringwithrubyanna

    Report - Forgotten house in Derbyshire

    So I came across this location not far from a newly built up area so was pretty strange this house was still here. There was a gate around the area but it was unlocked. It was a small farm house with a few outbuildings. Inside it was full of belongings and memories but sadly people were...
  12. xjb95x

    Report - Colin’s Barn (Hobbit House), Crunwell, November 2020

    Well I have to say this is my new favourite place! It took us absolutely ages to find it. Throw in breaking a nail, losing a shoe and being chased by a horse and we found it. The history on this place is that Colin Stokes built this barn to house his sheep and store hay. He started and just...
  13. U

    Report - Okehampton nursing home 3/10/20

    Hey people what’s up sorry I haven’t been active for a long time I’ve been mega busy so though I best upload a thew explores I’ve been on here is a old nursing home with so many items inside I never break in to anywhere or break any rules this place is a big explore and I have a youtube channel...
  14. Alexia3

    Report - RAF West Raynham September 2020

    This was my first night time explore. Do I have to name the base? I'm hoping not because I want to return at some point. Okay have altered the report title, as suggested. Thanks for the input folks. I know this is a famous abandoned anyway. Raynham was built in 1939 and used up until 1994 by...
  15. G

    Looking for places

    Hi guys i am in Blackburn Lancashire, me and a group of friends are looking to go exploring some old buildings, pretty much anything could anyone help me with some locations please ? Doesn’t have to be blackburn as we all drive so ideally anywhere within 30 miles of Blackburn, thanks in advance...
  16. Purplegoat

    Report - Report - Paualsgrove Radio Station, July 2020

    Hello guys. First time poster here not a massively interesting one but I was passing through the area so thought it was worth a look. Its taken me ages to get this posted as the whole reason I visited this site was to test out some 35mm film which I didn't get developed for while. The...
  17. S

    Visit Cheswyck school 2020

    First Post not much to it I know but got to start somewhere... Went to the old site of Cheswyck school was not aware the building had been totally burnt down but was a few toys and signage and signs of the old pool and tennis courts.
  18. Doug Judy

    Report - Bramshall Tunnel - Staffordshire. August 2020.

    First post in awhile.. Bromshall Tunnel. The 321yard Bromshall Tunnel although sometimes known as Bramshall Tunnel or Loxley Tunnel due to its close proximity to these respective villages, Opened in 1867 for the North Staffordshire & Uttoxeter Railway, The branch line ran from Stafford (Grand...
  19. Reesree

    Report - St George's Asylum, Morpeth - May 2014

    Explored a couple of years ago so pics aren't recent. Hospital Name: St. George’s Hospital Previous Names: Northumberland County Asylum, Morpeth Asylum, Northumberland County Mental Hospital Location: Morpeth, Northumberland Status: Disused, Mostly demolished Opened: 16th March 1859 Closed...
  20. A

    Report - Godalming Golf Club

    So I'm relatively new to urbex, but I have explored a few locations around my area and know some details about history, so I thought I would start doing reports of what I know. This was the first explore I did other than a few pillboxes, but it was definitely interesting nether less. The...