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  1. I

    General - St Athan's Boys Village- Aberthaw - August 2021

    Last year me and the girls took a trip to boys village in South Wales. After closure, the site was used for residential Bible courses by various church groups. Sold in 2000 to a new owner, it was rented to a family who lived in the former caretaker's cottage and used the yard for farm storage...
  2. Barneylad06

    Report - Old Police Academy - Borehamwood - May 2021

    History: Used to be an old police academy, located in Borehamwood. The police academy closed almost 8 years ago (August 12 2013). Closed due to lack of reports or calls in the nearby area. Now the place is covered in graffiti and nature has taken over. Trip: Took a train from one of my...
  3. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Turner Brothers Asbestos (Flexitallic), Rochdale, January 2021

    Quick revisit to TBA in a very slighty snowy January On this visit we only entered the smaller looking building at the rear of the site. Fire Procedure notices show the building was once called TBA Flexitallic. After speaking to locals i have come to the conclusion that throughout this buildings...
  4. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Crumpsall Workhouse, Manchester - January 2021

    Workhouse/Hospital Manchester Walking through this place we couldnt work out the closing year. After doing a bit of reasearch i think the final closing date for this building was 1995 but the newspapers throughout the building show that it was partially closed in 1985. The building was used at...
  5. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Salford Cresent Police Station, Salford, March 2020

    Police station in salford opened in 1957. It was originally used as the head quarters of Salfprd city police station and CID department and later GMP's salford division. This beautiful building closed its doors for the last time in 2008 when the Pendleton police station opened. The insides are...
  6. joe_whipp_photography

    Millgate Chapel, Facit, April 2020

    Once a sunday school standing beside a beautiful church. Since the church was abandoned it has become a mess with little historical presence, beautiful building but the same cannot be said for the inside, whoever did this is out of order and the state which it is in today is just saddening. Many...
  7. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Holy City Zoo Nightclub, Oldham, October 2020

    In the basement of the Prudential Assurance buildings you will find the holy city zoo Nightclub. The building is grade II listed and entry was fairly simple. The building has been for sale since 2014
  8. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Sedbergh Mill, Halifax, December 2020

    This warehouse unit has been in use by many different owners throughout its time. With it being used as the headquarters of John Holdsworth & Co Ltd in 1822. Since then it has been card clothing manufacturers and wire and cable manufacturers as well as a moving and storage company more...
  9. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield, December 2020

    Seen on the way to another location. Easy to get into and you notice immidiately the sheer amount of graffiti artwork in this place from some very talented artists. The site is fairly safe and secure although demolition has been on the cards for a while.
  10. Quirkyfox

    General - Wern Works, Briton Ferry South Wales, July 2020

    Wern Works - nestled between the Old Briton Ferry bridge, the canal and the River Neath - was built in the late 1940s after the second World War, according to Briton Ferry West councillor Hugh James, following a death-blow to several older tinplate works I've visted here a few times now, and...
  11. C

    General - Abandoned high school and suggestions please

    Thought I’d share my visit to a high school close to where I live- Pictures aren't the best and are from a while ago and it won’t let me upload videos. I’m also wondering if anyone has any suggestions on good places to explore in the Bradford / Leeds area? Thanks
  12. Sach.explores

    Report - Stratheden Hospital, Fife - April 2019

    Stratheden hospital and Kinross district asylum Some history:- Stratheden Hospital, or Fife and Kinross District Asylum as it was first known, opened on July 1st 1866. Purpose built to accommodate up to 200 mental health patients, the initial patient roster was 159. The first chief...
  13. ForgottenProductions

    Video - Abandoned Game Show Set | Ontario, Canada

    Back in 2018 we took trip to this abandoned game show set is located in Ontario, Canada. Once used for the filming of a kids show called Splatalot, very similar to the adult version of Wipeout. A show were you must pass different obstacles within a certain amount of time in order to move to the...
  14. Kerimichelle92

    Banham, Norfolk, believe to be old shop

    Me and friend driving through village came across this amazing old building. We crept in through the side thru some hedges and got in. There's been previous people in there other explores. Alot of paperwork here some dated 1987. Check out photos.
  15. 2idiotsexplore

    General - Abandoned Manchester Victoria theatre

    Found a Victorian theatre in Salford Manchester today. Original red seats remain, surrounded by sunken floors, decayed wallpaper. To top all, we found a huge Cannibis operation under the stage! Check out our YouTube channel. We post new explores every week!