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abandoned building

  1. FunctionDisruption

    Report - Derelict Building in Lowestoft Port, Commercial Road

    This is a report on a recent exploration of mine. I found this building on Google maps, which lies within Port Harbor. I went on my own. The date of the visit is 2nd June 2021 (02/06/2021) Port Harbor was known for it's extensive fishing business many years ago. Warehouses and ship building...
  2. A

    New to this!

    hi, we are from ne24 area and are looking for places to explore, along the lines of derelict or abandoned buildings/houses/hospital etc. Willing to travel within reason.. anyone let us know of any good places to visit? Thank you.
  3. J

    Ushaw moor derelict college - May - 2018

    College that had been derelict from the 80’s onwards ... Looked around and one room is full of old reports on the students but forgot to take a picture there’s also a swimming pool area apparently in the grounds but we couldn’t find it