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abandoned buildings

  1. ExploringWithMel

    Report - Winstanley Hall 2022

    Being a late 16th-century house, the building is one of only three Tudor buildings in the Borough. This was a unique explore & I really loved seeing the clock on the building as it was a classic feature. Please enjoy part one of my explore; part two to follow.
  2. Kallieyephotography

    Report - Hamilton Lodge, Colchester - Essex July 2021

    Hey all this is my 1st post, I have been so busy with work ect, but did another asylum yesterday, unfortunately I don't have much history on the place apart from there was awful reviews of when it was open of misconduct and bad care ect. The explore itself was great and not to tricky to find a...
  3. molly wicks

    Report - Brick & Tile, Selborne

    This was a very nice little hidden treasure tucked away in the middle of nowhere honestly couldn’t tell you much about the history but was a nice little explore very easily accessed and no security whatsoever always the best
  4. ExploringWithMel

    Report - Windlestone Hall!

    Last year I visited this place for the first time & this is was a prisoner of war camp during WW2! I absolutely love this place as I feel like it has so much history behind it! This place also became a special school for children & also a prime minister lived here too! So, to revisit here once...
  5. UrbexUnknown

    The Former Raquels Night Club in Basildon, Essex (November 2019)

    The Biggest Explore Yet? Photos That Have Never Seen Before. History of The Nightclub “Raquels” in Basildon: Before 1958 Basildon town centre had not existed but with a rising population and the ongoing construction of new housing estates Basildon Development Corporation, established just nine...
  6. The Outbursts

    Video Report - Abandoned borders college

    This is the old abandoned college In Galashiels/scottish borders. There is only 2 videos available to this place. Which is from me and my friend. Hope you enjoy
  7. S

    Report - Deserted Botanical Gardens - Kilcreggan - June 2019

    I am an amateur urban explorer and keen to discover more. The best site I have found so far is the Botanical Gardens I discovered in Kilcreggan, Scotland which I visited on 6/6/2019. I spent nearly 4 hours here exploring all the overgrown pathways and buildings but did not bump into a single...