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abandoned care home

  1. U

    Report - Carr green care home Brighouse- May 2020

    Fo rm er C ar r Gr ee n Co Carr green council School. The school was built for 500 pupils in 1912, but has since been replaced by a modern building down Carr Green Lane. The building still has its original entrances for boys and girls after being converted to Carr green care home...
  2. PlanetClare

    Report - Mossley Care Home, Liverpool. June 2020

    This place closed down a few years back amid some proper horror stories of how residents were treated there, and I gotta say some of the rooms had a proper grom feel to them. Still it was gorgeous to look around, that staircase and stained glass window were breath taking.
  3. joematt1878

    Report - Upper Downing Hall, Flintshire - April 2020

    This is my first post so here it goes... Visited this place today on my hourly exercise away from the general public. Formerly a children's home where many investigations were taken place into the abuse of the children staying here (numerous articles on google!). It was later known as...
  4. condor00

    Report - Oaklands Care Home, Almondsbury, 30/03/19

    Some sources say that parts of this gorgeous site date back to as early as 1580. The original structure was built for John Dowell of Almondsbury but unfortunately very little of this first building remain. Most of the current building was built in the early 1800s and redeveloped a decade before...
  5. LittleOwl

    Report - Fairwood Hospital, Swansea - July 2018

    From our visit to Fairwood Hospital back in the summer, this little location was a gem hidden in plain site among the rolling hills of the Gower. First, some history. A very small hospital designed to treat patients in the local area suffering from fever more than 100 years ago, the site has...
  6. fxckexplore

    Report - Almondsbury Care Home (14/10/2018)

    Basic Info: Visited Almondsbury Care Home on Sunday 14th October 2018. Since closing down in 2016 the care home has decayed immensely and was subject to an arson attack. The arson attack has left some of the main building unstable and unsafe, but the sight is still very much worth a visit...